Looming Covid-19 Lockdowns In China Threaten America's Economic Recovery | Forbes

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If there’s any indication that what happens next in China is a big deal for the U.S. economy, it’s that Federal Reserve officials mentioned the country’s Covid-related lockdowns eight times at their latest policy meeting on June 15.

Chair Jerome Powell and others warned of several “downside risks,” including “larger-than-expected effects on economic growth” from external factors such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and more recently, Covid-related lockdowns in China.

Read the full story on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sergeiklebnikov/2022/07/21/heres-what-another-china-lockdown-could-mean-for-the-us-economy/?ss=hedge-funds-private-equity&sh=5bb378651a91

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Thinking man says:

China doesn’t have a vaccine

Ryan Max-grappler says:

China is naive to think covid will disappear. Guess they will be locking down forever

Kevin Law says:

When we buy food and oil from China? Why are these so expensive? Why our ports are so slow even during China lockdowns? Why it is always someone else's fault?

Lori D says:

What else leaked out of Wuhan lab cause the lock downs are making the world wondering why so hard handed China is being ????

Human rights Libertad says:

Neither commuinists camp is good, nor capitalists, bth dont have human rights.
Hope you will be pleased with my latest decryptions of Scandinavian cryptography on charts of swedish Hexagon company.

https:/ /http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aubjzf_fIc8
Also, please, pay attention to diplomats – victims of Havana Syndrome. It will be usefull for them, how dangerous for civilians things are.

DEWs are true, so dont worsen situation.

I work in the field of protection civilians against human experimentation with the use of emitting directed energy weapons and neuroscience.

V L says:

Smearing China’s covid policy does not save lives back home. Blaming China’s for domestic economic woes does not help your economic recovery.

We have seen the golden rule of poor performance in domestic affairs impacting the fate of western leaders in Australia, France, the UK and currently Italy.

If you don’t do anything constructive other than smearing and blaming others, what do you expect from your mid-term election results?

Anisa jennings says:

US economic recovery? Are you joking?

Werimu Tamihana says:

F$#@ American economy

w012thless says:

What economic recovery?

Purple Glamour says:

We should be shifting our investment and take out companies out of china and place them somewhere else. They are acting tooo cocky at this point and are moving on their own fast pace. Just goes to show they don’t need foreigner help after all. Might as well take our leave and our stuff out of there and give it to a country that is worth working with. Right now there are companies leaving china as well as some of the foreigners

samiitb says:

It's very important to diversify supply chain from China to friendly and democratic countries like India, Malaysia , Bangladesh etc..

TheTriggerhappyhippi says:

Finally y’all realize this is on purpose

A Gamerr says:

Suuu make china poor pls covid

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