Inside An Appalachian ICU As Covid Takes Toll On Nurses | NBC News NOW

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NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to nurses in a Tennesse hospital about the toll the surging Covid-19 cases have taken on the staff.
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Inside An Appalachian ICU As Covid Takes Toll On Nurses | NBC News NOW


Lee Lisa says:

Beautiful heart. Thank you to all doctors and nurses.

Muscles Hockeymask says:

Mind if I take a look at that ICU myself?

Caramel says:

Please please please get the vaccine. Do it for yourself, your family, your friends. Forget the politics, who cares about it. Vaccines have been around 100 years, they work, they prevent several traumatic illnesses, like Polio, Smallpox, Measeles, Meningitis, and Tetanus. Just get the vaccine so you can give yourself a chance to live a long healthy life.

Ld Obregon says:

Jesus heal the wicked and heal this world.

Mary Soto says:

Sorry for each person give them strength, I signed papers so my family do not have to make a hard decision. I am 76 and we never know when our time is up. Bless all who work in the medical field.

Subject1 says:

Everybody should have to see clips like this. 9 lines in one human body!

Lisa Nidog says:

The utter selfishness of these ICU nurses irritates me! The toll it's taken on them? What are the complaints they have? I saw an interview just now of a nurse. Her complaints were all her her her! Oh I've never seen so much death in all my life! Right! And those patients aren't exactly excited about dying! I have to save my sanity I have to transfer to another department! Right! And the sanity of patients' families is stable? The sanity of a patient terrified of being put on a Vent maybe never getting off one is a picnic? Being away from their families doesn't take a toll on their sanity? An interviewed doctor described one patient after another having a breathing tube put in is not exactly fun for the patient who can't leave! It's not taxing on people who have to travel miles to a hospital that's not filled to capacity? They may be turned away for like a heart attack or stroke because beds are filled with Covid patients who refused to vaccinate? Does anyone think that's a roaring good time for them? Medicine has always been an interest. But I realized it's not my calling! I realized learning all the stuff isn't easy! I tried medical assisting and having to practice taking blood I had trouble with because needles aren't fun to have and my focus was more on the other person I was practicing on. I hated sticking needles in people knowing it hurts them. I quit.

Nurses and doctors seeing death that could be preventable yeah I get it it's rough on them! But it's rougher on the patient knowing they're gonna die and struggling to breath giving their last wishes! It's rougher on the families!

I hear about babies on Vents! It's rough on them! But their parents refused to vaccinate!

Medicine is not easy during a pandemic! Medical people keep telling people to mask up or get the shot and are ignored! But when I heard on another board ICU nurses refusing to vaccinate while complaining how tough it was to take care of Covid patients focusing on themselves rather than the patients makes me outraged! Their patients deserve a vaccinated nurse they don't care about your politics as they struggle to breathe!

Overburdened hospitals are tough on medical staff? Well it's no walk in the park for patients! I feel for the patient who sits with only a nurse holding their hand while dying and all I've heard are nurses complaining that they have to sit with that patient! It's always them, them, them, not how the patient feels. Not how the family will react to their relative dying! All this death could be prevented by a mask or vaccination! Denying the pandemic won't make it go away and I look at things from the patient's point of view! Yeah, nurses and doctors you're exhausted! You see death constantly. I get it! But I think it's about time you start thinking about what patients go through! You can go home. They can't! You can complain while patients can't hooked up to a breathing tube listening to air being forced into their lungs before they're put under! I had a severe ear infection years ago. My ear was painful and swollen shut! The ER doctor seemed to take great pleasure giving more pain as he kept digging away ignoring my screams before he looked at me and walked out! He had no compassion! I had no choice but to go! So no I have no sympathy for complaining Covid ICU nurses who complain how tough it is to take care of Covid patients dying by the thousands who only look at things by how they feel not the patients or their families who can't even visit! Being hooked up to a ventilator is hardly fun! Dying while your dying with clogged lungs is no picnic! You can leave! They can't!

Alexa Luritae says:

The "Pandemic" is the LARGEST SCANDAL SCHEME OF DEATH CERTIFICATES that has ever happened in the WORLD'S HISTORY. Here in Brazil, even a coffin with stones and sticks inside was found in place of the corpse, people who died of cancer, stroke, heart attack, other diseases, desperate family members could not make a dignified burial because the DEATH CERTIFICATE WAS FRAUDED by SUSPECTED COVID, because the computer system was working on automatic to generate death certificates for a single cause, in this case by covid. So this Pandemic is a scam. Statistical data are showing deaths that were not due to covid. PROOF OF THIS IS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET. RESOLUTION 198/83 OF 3/21/2020 OFFICIAL DAILY ARTICLE ISSUED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO [DIÁRIO OFICIAL EXPEDIDO PELO GOVERNO DO ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO]. ACCESS: "Considering that, according to Public Health agencies, ANY CORPORATE, INDEPENDENTLY OF THE CAUSE OF DEATH or of the confirmation of laboratory exams OF THIS IS TO BE CONSIDERED A POTENTIAL CARE OF COVID-19 INFECTION." ACESSE: Código Penal (Decreto Lei 3689/1941 ), em que seu Artigo 162ACESSE:RESOLUÇÃO SSP Nº 26 DE 20/03/2020
; REAL-TIME POPULATIONS AROUND THE WORLD. WORLD POPULATION CLOCK. ACCESS: The system prohibits people from seeing each other. They date less, breed less. Therefore, this does not justify the fact
that the number of people due to the covid is decreasing, as twice as many are born in Brazil in comparison to those who die in the total of all causes of death. SOVEREIGNTY IS BEING THREATENED by CORRUPT POLITICIANS who have been selling Brazil to the PCC (Chinese Communist Party) for a long time, and now it is worse, as TELEVISION MEDIA ARE WORLDWIDE. Corrupt politicians are unpunished for crimes through the STF (Supreme Federal Court) which gives total freedom to communist governors to steal Brazil. ARE ALL BLIND? The virus is the least of our concerns about what the Chinese Communist Party wants to do to us with the New World Order. This is the covid's pandora box TO LOSE Our rights already acquired, due to confinement measures, will propagate this until they break the WORLD ECONOMY, WE WILL DIE FROM HUNGER. That is why our president
Bolsonaro is attacked, he is innocent of all the accusations they are publicizing, he protects families, in favor of life and has unconditional love for others. He fights against communism in Brazil, because this regime of communism causes collective suffering without limits. And not only is Brazil being threatened by communism, especially the whole world. WE CANNOT MISS US, DO NOT SHUT UP MORE. /////

Cire Namrac says:

“Heroes, angels, champions, warriors”. These are some of the titles we’d like to give to nurses when we describe them. But they are just your average Americans who take on extraordinary tasks under extremely stressful and dangerous circumstances. They have good work ethics and they are passionate about their job. They cry when their patient passes. They get sick themselves when the PPE can no longer protect themselves. They go home to their kids and their parents, and to carry more burdens from their private lives. They are ordinary but extraordinary people. They are nurses.

justjanexx says:

Donald Trump did this

Claudia Fabra says:

Wow! Your hard work is much appreciated.Its amazing ,it's incredible,it's amazing. God! Bless!

Bernardette Williams says:

This broke my heart why…why did the world have to betray more people like this please stay safe keep your mask on!

Thuan An says:

What is Just JeSus doing haeven. Why Don`t god Jesus save his pious sheep from covid .

ItsLouisevideos says:

Stay safe everyone

Remington Mary says:

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One Health says:

Have you ever considered vitamin D? The following video describes the research demonstrating how vitamin D is critical in all stages of COVID-19 as well as why vitamin D stops the cytokine storm and blood clotting.

Lyn Thompson says:

Thanks you nurses, doctors and everyone who works at the hospital!

Dessie O' Donovan says:

Why do they care more about teaches then??

Meditate on This says:

If you’re giving your best to save a life, that’s all you can do.

Usha Lutchmun says:

Salute to your courage.

Brady Lambert says:

The WORST President … EVER! Bring him to justice January 21st!

Patti Herbst says:

you are CHAMPIONS! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! <3 🙁

Music G says:

Wear your masks and demand the government support a shutdown with direct payments to workers like the other countries that are battling this pandemic. We will never be able to fully open till these death numbers go down!

HeavyHauler says:

/cries/ So horrible.

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