Watch Me Design A Logo From Scratch | Adobe Illustrator

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In this video you’ll see my design process and you’ll see me come up with a whole new brand from scratch and learn how i create a logo in adobe illustrator. From coming up with a name, choosing the perfect font, getting the right colour palette and then mocking it all up and watching the brand come together.

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BrainStorm BD says:

May god give you long life so that you can help people more with your teachings. Respect to you sis ❤️


love your videos

eransmuka says:

hey abi can you make a video on infographics and data visualisation or you dont work in that area? Thanks.

dan iel says:

Beautiful result but that doesn't represent anything, actually. If you're not comitted to any kind of deliver, even for yourself, it wouldn't be considered. It's more an exercise of shaping and colouring than a process of creation.


Impressive!! Thank you.

Exhale Design Co says:

That was absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you!

Kallista Kimble says:

I am learning so much from you Abi! Thank you for sharing your creative process, keep 'em coming <3

A_ jasu says:

Great video! Thank you very much for all this process!

Musawir AP says:

Hola, how to drag images from Pinterest to illustrator as you do. I tried that but it's pasting the url in illustrator

Darla ramirez says:

Thank you so much, I've learned a lot!

BeautyByMarlika says:

This is one of my fave videos. Every time I try to offset path, copy, paste in place, group then unite, its just one big shape….I can’t get the outline for anything. Any tips on what may be going wrong? Thanks Abi!

Princess Ivwurie says:

amazing, more videos like this

Lynette Jensen says:

Love your videos, thank you for sharing your process. What do you supply your clients with for web and what size are they for the final deliverables?

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