Nanomaterials for Cancer therapy

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Proma Nag Chowdhury says:

Thank you. Explained really well

Mini Sreejith says:

Can u send antibacterial activity of magnesium nanoparticle against pseudomonas experimental method

Yohanes Asmare says:

Thanks It is a smart presentation.

Dipak Patel says:

where this treatment can be done in india?

Lacy Bird says:

It super exciting using natural roots and herbs supplement prepared by Dr.ademise  for beating the genital herpes

Adeela Faiz says:

Thank you so much Sir. It was indeed valuable.

Zameer Ahmad says:

It's technology present in india

joy rosarian says:

thank you so much

Nimra Shahzadi says:

sir this where will be available


Regular student sir…love it

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