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How might scientists reconstruct modern animals years into the future? This is a breakdown of “All Todays” — a thought experiment from the “All Tomorrows” author C. M. Kosemen, with John Conway and Darren Naish.

The credited images featured in this video come from the “All Todays” section of the excellent book “All Yesterdays: Unique and Speculative Views of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals.” The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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Imagine what would happen if, millions of years into the future, scientists — perhaps from other planets — tried to create depictions of the long extinct organisms they found in Earth’s fossil record. This concept is part of a thought experiment, “All Todays,” written in part by the astonishing author C. M. Koseman — whose work you might have seen from his other most famous book “All Tomorrows.”

“All Todays” is a section in the larger 2012 art book “All Yesterdays,” dreamed up by not just C. M. Kosemen, but Darren Naish — a renowned zoologist, paleontologist and author, and John Conway: an immensely talented paleo-artist. And their ‘All Todays’ thought experiment of how imaginary future scientists might grossly misinterpret animals we’re familiar with is worth looking at further.

So, let’s look at the ways in which paleontologists of the future might imagine the species of the present.

0:00 All Todays
0:00 All Todays
1:17 A Thought Experiment
2:28 Cat
3:02 Zebra
3:45 Rhinoceros
4:34 Elephant
5:23 Manatee
5:54 Baboon
6:50 Spider Monkey
7:23 Humming Bird
8:13 Hornbill
8:52 Snake
9:28 Cow
9:57 Outro

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Curious Archive says:

This video is taking off faster than I ever could have imagined. I can't thank everyone enough!

In the interest of scientific accuracy, as other people have pointed out, the animal I show at 9:05 isn't a true snake, but a 'legless lizard' (and the animal shown after is a sea krait)

Casspir Mk6 says:

The whole plot mostly based on “feather” issue, which of course is game changer.

Ranko Vašek says:

"A fingerboy is theorised to feed on fruits, insects and the dreams of orphans"

Sam O'Nella please come back we miss you

Ultra Fish Gamer says:

They should do this with a fall guy character

Wifi thing says:

I mean they wouldnt be wrong in a cat being the ultimate killing machine.

Dave M says:

The only way to know what all these extinct animals looked like is to travel to the Costco and use the time machine!

Sun Jara says:

I wonder how humans would be imagined.

NUC134R CR4YF15H says:

Me at 9:39 : your mom

-STRANGER name here- says:

The hornbill looks cool in the book

obviously a duck says:

7:29 BAT MAN… oh well nvm

*name coming soon* says:

The zebra looks like a thestral

BigSmillVEVO says:

A few days ago I had the same thought about this after thinking about dinosaurs, I'm honestly kinda annoyed someone has already thought about this lol.
(Edit) It would be a good idea to get a alive animal that most people don't know about and show it to someone and have them try to recreate it. (Because they would not know what it actually looks like.)

AzzySunfire says:

This doesn't make much sense. Aliens would be more intelligent than us, if they have space travel. They wouldn't make the mistakes we did like the Iguanodon stuff.
They would know where muscles connect to bone and so on.

Storm Arashi says:

This video is literally just the book they're promoting. Which I read. The book is fascinating and the illustrations are beautiful but it's a rip off. It's not even a full book.

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