Gastric bypass surgery: the procedure

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KING 5 producer Chris Zito allows us to come along on his weight loss journey.


Erika D says:

I'm sitting in the office in FL and I'm so scared I have no family no support but I think I may follow through I'm crying because I'm scared and I keep thinking what if I don't wake up it's alot going through my head

shanny Shan says:

How did it go

Joseph Lopez Sr says:

Getting the loop pending a visit to my surgeon and completed paperwork my primary Dr has to fill out. Can't wait.

william taylor says:

thank you for your process

Angel McRae says:

Ghost milk soap

Nadia Sven says:

Wow, he's so handsome. Nice face.

Vurtonable says:

Try Dr Michael Mosley The Fast 800 Keto before doing surgery.

stuartadair says:

Would have been great but its ruined by daft needless music overplayed when people are speaking

Ally says:

surgery in 2 days where can i see chris after

Mr Wonderful says:

getting my surgery in early November. wish me luck.

Country Homestead says:

Wow pills the restore your life, invasive surgery.. eating healthy and exercise is the easy way out not this. Seriously why put ypurself through that just get motivated and stop eating everything in site .have some will power

VampMara says:

I got the gastric sleeve I’m 5 days post Op and I’m feeling great 🙂

PgaTraveler says:

I’m getting mine done soon this will be my 2nd surgery my last one was gallbladder and I have BMI of 42

Leo Anaya says:

I’m getting the surgery done on the 22nd of June please pray for a successful procedure and speedy and healthy recovery

making the move by darren says:

better no lapband they break trust me do the doctors tell u this bet not,best to get the gastricopy done take half u stomach out its better solution but also when i was in hospital this new zealand women had a leak and she had to have another one but least more chance losing weight then something break inside u guyt now one side my stomach numb now 6 years i dont recommend anyone doing this i have 5 scars and they dont go away

making the move by darren says:

popular broad caster this asian she great wow lapband good luck for me i had this and mine broke inside had surgery 6.5 hours to take it out as broke inside and had to carry a bootle blood for 6 weeks and pain went thru they can have this stupid surgery band i lost more weight when it was out

The Superior says:

You have to be an adult to get insurance

James Walsh says:

How long ago did you have your surgery I was on liquids for 2days before surgery they canceled my surgery because of the virus I had the lap band in 2008 and I was down to 132 I started having problems with the lap band so they took it out I gained weight then 2018 I had the vsg now I have very bad acid reflux that meds don't help so now they are going to do the bypass now I wish every day that they will start surgery I'm one of the first patient to have it done are you glad that you did it

DeadSpaceGrave says:

I am going to Pompeii surgical in Tijuana and their gastric bypass is only 5,800 and I financed and was approved . My credit score was around the 450s and I still got approved .

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