day in the life of a software engineer in NYC *an unglamorous 24 hours with meee*

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0:00 morning
starting work
desk setup
more work
after work
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Aditya says:

would you include details like tc?

Smartness says:

Do you have a bachelors and a masters degree or only bachelors?

D C says:

hey nice video! you seem like a cool person toodles

JunnySmiles says:

as a fellow software engineer myself, my day looks a lot like yours too when i work from home. very eerily similar, especially the getting tired around 4-5pm ish, taking breaks and also running into code problems that need fixing that take longer than expected to fix. oh and i can't forget to mention, sometimes the decluttering over the naps! cuddles with the kitty too hehe
love this vid, thanks for posting!

Cansu Değirmenci says:

Hi could you add subtitle please ❤️

Yashvardhan says:

Why was she working in bright sunlight? It's probably impossible to see the screen properly.

Juan Flores says:

Where Do you work?

fernando gonzalez says:

shit, 2 hr of work in the hole day?

shrey khandelwal says:

the funny part was that she was editing videos on her laptop when he has a monitor just in front of her that would have made editing videos quite easy…

Ariana Pirzadeh says:

Wait so glad I found your channel!!! I love the realistic day in the life.

AppliedDesert says:

No way I am literally eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch right now

Butta Dawg says:

I live on Long Island and I've been thinking about a career switch to this. I envy the WFH style. Great vid. Btw, even without make up, waking up to your face everyday would be a treat! Beautiful the way you are, cheers!

adithya k says:

When you take small breaks , don't keep alaram it's ok to be back to work by little late . Enjoy that break time . Have a nice day 🙂 .

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