A Day In The Life Of An Amazon Software Engineer (Seattle Edition)

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A day of my life (post pandemic, kinda, most people are still WTH) working from Amazon Seattle HQ. You’ll get a campus and Spheres tour, plus you’ll get to meet my cute golden retriever Nala 🙂 Thank you so much for your support!

This is not an official Amazon video.

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AlevandOfficial says:

it's wrong to eat fruit after sun goes down, everybody knows….

erick molina says:

I would like to know what monitors are those, and which keyboard is that one (the white one)?

Gyuresssz says:

It's a lot of consuming and watching the screen without human interaction. The setting is amazing, still don't see myself in a job like this.

Peso3os says:

I wouldn't mind a lifestyle like this

JaHm3sZ says:

Love ur home dude. Studying for the cyber security field atm

Juan Sanabria says:

Never seen something more relatable. Alarm goes off in the kitchen and then walks back to bed with the phone on snooze.

Tarun Gusain says:

why its look so deppressing

raduwrx says:

So basically loneliness all day long, but moving through different “desks” so that it doesn’t feel like it. A bit sad…

ScipioAfricanus says:

I am working as a cmm programmer. And my working routine is like waking up at 6 a.m and going to work. Starting working around 8 a.m and mostly finishing around 9 p.m. So your work is like dream for me. Have a nice life 🙂

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