Video From Fatal Miami Stabbing Shows IG Model Covered In Blood | TMZ

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New video showing the bloody aftermath of a domestic disturbance in Miami, which ended with one man being stabbed to death and a woman covered in blood.


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Jason Jones says:

She definitely a killer and it probably not her first Time

Natilie says:

The dogs cleaning her face is grody

Queen Onyx's World says:

Why is she not facing any charges??

Nubian Queen says:

She slaughtered him…you can tell by the way the Blood is splashed all over her, and she has ZERO remorse for the life she had just taken..not really crying or anything…weird AF

Bonn nbb says:

Can y’all delete this video ?

Binoy Vudi says:

This is the next generation of kids going to run this country. Wow.

Marcela La Torre says:

No se puede opinar realmente ,no hay ninguna investigacion e checado varios videos la mayotia la atacan; pero como atacarla digo si no han investigado. El estilo de vida de ella o de el no tiene aca nada que ver por ello la gente no tienen que juzgarla,aca el caso principal es como fue , porque fue y quien lo provoco este asecinato , si fue ella , si fue por defenderse, si fue con alebocia ventaja osea ya planeado harta de el con maldad o si fue ya cansada de amenazas , chantajes , ….trata de blancas?, dinero,??? negocios??? muchas mas cosas que mejor prefiero no escribirlas .Pero lo extraño es que el en todo sentido es mas fuerte , mas grande la doblegaria en fuerza , salvo que el este dopado , le hayan administrado bensodiazepinas nose es casi imposible que ella lo doblegue a el , salvo fuera con arma de fuego . Pero un cuchillo? Ojo NO PUEDO DEFENDER A NINGUNO , pero esta bastante raro poca informacion culpan defrente a una persona sin dudarlo , seria cuestion de que la policia investigue mas , no hablan de abogados? no hablan de como encontraron el cadaver que de acuerdo a ello podria uno darse una idea de como pudo ser los hechos… ella esta muda ???????????? muda practicamente eso es normal???.no esclarecer lo que paso ..como fue porque fue, cual fue el detonante, amenaza, podra ser? locura? dinero? este caso huele a ………..gffgfh…..mal apesta, hasta pareciera que la misma policia, juez y fiscal tuvieran mmm digamosle cuidado con este caso , pues no lo estan tratando como cualquier otros casos. hasta ahi mejor escriBO HASTA AQUI , PORQUE SI ESCRIBO TODAS LAS COSAS QUE PIENSO QUE PODRIAN SER TANTO EN CONTRA DE EL Y OTRAS QUE VAN EN CONTRA de ELLA Y ALGUNAS EN CONTRA DE LOS DOS UF… SERIAN PAGINAS..

Jamelia Kingstom says:

He should’ve kept his mouth shut

Princess Neiqa says:

She’s handcuffed on the floor no shirt on only bra being filmed is horrible:(.

Mª Izabel says:

Poor puppies!!!! :'(

Right is right wrong is wrong says:

If it were the other way around…

Right is right wrong is wrong says:

This isn’t getting enough attention

Payton Gendron #paytongendron says:

What’s her name again I got the juice

PanChemy says:

Miami police is so unprofessional it should be a crime. They probably negotiated a gangbang with her for her to be let free. Look at that fool, he the one on the left didn't even bother to put on gloves and he is just putting his dumb little paws on everything. Unbelievable but it don't surprise me as I myself lived in this exact area and I have had my fair share of mind blowing interactions with these cops.

Dane Peplinski says:

I’m just glad the dog is okay

darrian Wiggins says:

You weak men love these narcissistic women lmao where’s the self respect ? Y’all date women who are open feminists and have only fans because you wanna look good to society and please society ? What about pleasing yourself? You ever had that thought?

Bigday2022 says:

Lol lots of bitter black women on here I see .

Kazbo Haribo says:

Good riddance!

ohioboy says:

I mean the person holding the camera are u in an earthquake or what my God ur shaking so bad I think u were involved in that..I have never seen anyone shake as bad as this person in my life

Plastic Life says:

Shes showing love to the dogs. Thats textbook psychopathic behavior. They instinctively make kind and loving gestures in the midst of dark situations to appear harmless and lovable.

Heather Vig says:

HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS CRAZY BROAD NOT ARRESTED and charged! Disgusting!!! Justice for Christian “Toby” Obumseli. Great scene preservation btw MPD!

Kelton Barkley Barkley says:

That's a low down b

Jean Jones says:

How is she covered head to toe in blood if she threw a knife at him from 15 feet away

BRICKS says:

Be careful messing around with them devils

FuckDaRich says:

Amber heard 2.0

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