Al Gore full State of the Union interview

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Former Vice President Al Gore speaks with CNN’s Jake Tapper about climate change and Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate agreement.


ravenr1420 says:

I'd give anything to see Al Gore run for President again. We need him now more than ever.

Anaid bugz says:

The only thing I know about al gore is if his lips are moving his bloody lying – david icke

Gavi Gavi says:

Gore you're not a scientist and your scaremongering predictions on climate turned out to be BS. You're a fraud

yome122 says:

Al Gore lies all the time like CNN…fake science and fake news!

lanciaguy stixx says:

Why do those on the left hate us so much?

Randy Potter says:

Global warming is a myth.

David Wilson says:

The Earth is doomed by the doomed doomers that spew the doom

mario adepec says:

full of shit a hole, don't fight terrorist just try to understand them and reason with them,, what an ass

Mizoram - Mafaka Hnamte says:

A man of Principle – Honest, Caring, Intelligent and Hardworking

Zoe Boi says:

He should of won back in 2000

REAl REAction says:

Propaganda machines!!!

ItzFurry - says:

He's super duper cereal!!!

WaffleStomple says:


Bear Mare says:

It is regrettable that Al Gore was not elected president in 2000.

The US could have had its first gay president.

Rowdyroughman 2.0 says:

He's super cereal.

David Meriney says:

it was manbearpig

G Black says:

Why did Jake Tapper make a point of linking Gore's robbery of the election in 2000 with Hillary Clinton's supposed win of the popular vote? HIs colleague Chuck  Todd made  the exact same connection on his interview with Gore on Meet the Press.. Apparently the Clintons have put the pressure on certain segments of the  media to create that false idea in the public mind. Gore did an artful job of  clarifying that his situation went to the Supreme Court where it was decided. Hers did not because it only exists in the minds of her paid apologists. the continuing corruption of the media by corrupt politicians boggles the mind.

john frankmore says:

The only negative attribute that surpasses Gore's stupidity is his hypocrisy.

Helmut Waltet says:

burn fossil fuel

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