Gravitas: Does Xi Jinping have the Wuhan virus?

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Does Xi Jinping have the Wuhan virus? He has not been seen in public for almost 14 days now. An official Xi met in Hong Kong tested positive for the Wuhan Virus. Is Xi infected too? Palki Sharma brings you a report.

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Anderson Yazzie says:

The chicken is still a chicken eating bat stew

Anderson Yazzie says:

Xi is scared of his own shadow,, batman

TheRealoldcar says:

Hope he does

Richard Kato says:

Be safe stay strong God bless

Renz VerG says:

Been waiting for this to happen. Victim of his wrong doings.

LivenFree says:

Did anyone else at the event get the virus from the guy that tested positive?

Total Heyoka says:

But some X-ennials are torn between Putin and Biden.

Total Heyoka says:

@prettyWionnewswoman. Xi Jinping is the leader of the X-ennials.

Kay Fiedler says:

His door should be welded, and have to stay locked up.

Daniel lafferety says:

If that individual was so far from the Chinnes primmer and the Chinnes leader got the virus.
1. Lowefficacy vaction. Is part of the problem.
2. Low vaccinations among the lower/ unpopular elderly, and poor/ young children must be rampant in Hong Kong.
3. This official has single handedly succed in doing unintentially what many Hong Kong residents, and main landers want. Starting the destruction of the C.C.P. think of the contacts tracking of one day let alone a weeks contact tracing.

pooi-hoong chan says:

No. He stopped the Indian Omicron.

Rose Goodwin says:

Tried to control the whole country so he didn't get sick. It didn't work.

Rose Goodwin says:

Poetic Justice.

Bindas Bol says:

what you sow is what you reap

Us Usa says:

Palki, when Kim Jong Un disappeared, we all thought of Covid. He reappeared slimmer and meaner. I don't want to put too much speculation on Xi Jingping.

T H says:

This woman journalist spread hatred,disgusting.

Julian Latino says:

He killed a lots of people

Ryan Max-grappler says:

I can't wait read the comments the triggered chinese trolls in the comment section

Harika Priyadarshini says:

might be quarantined behalf of protocol.. good job..

benru mallari says:

Xi jinping infected bY his own virus

Shut the Door says:

he needs the wuhan virus they exported to the world

Altaf Glen says:

This idiot was also reporting on Putin saying he may be dead and they may be using a body double so their it goes again

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