A 3-Part Plan to Take On Extreme Heat Waves | Eleni Myrivili | TED

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The deadliest severe weather phenomenon is something you might not realize: extreme heat. Eleni Myrivili, chief heat officer of the city of Athens, Greece, explains that extreme heat and heat waves are often overlooked because they’re not as dramatic as flooding or hurricanes – and breaks down three approaches to keep cities cool in a time of rapid global temperature rise. “Cranking up the air conditioner is just not going to cut it,” she says.

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Toni says:

We all need green roofs or have them painted white. This would make quite a difference to the inside of any building. It would reflect the heat back up and the power cost would be far less.

Toni says:

Now we know it's happening everywhere. London over 40….Ridiculous too. Never happened before. Eastern Australia is constantly flooding in winter. Never happened before and burning in the summer.

Ackla says:

Thanks Sevy , it was a nice video 😀 I'm an old meta Player, playing National Team and Morgana Team in the abyss, it allows me to wish on characters I really want to play during events, daylies etc… which is the content I love playing the most 😀

Александр Л says:

Unless we stop wars, separations between countries, cultures, economic contradictions and struggles, and get unified, we will never seriously change something. It’s necessary for humanity survival in the future…

Sovereign Citizen LEO says:

Some of her ideas are good. However, we cannot base any decisions we make on the Current Climate. That is the height of ignorance, propaganda, and hugely detrimental folly. We are in an Ice Age. And the climate could change to be 5 or 10 degrees colder on average overnight/ within 5 or 10 years, -a century or less.

There is nothing Humans can do about the Weather. Humans have nothing whatsoever to do with Climate. The scientific evidence is absolutely conclusive/ overwhelming in this regard. Yet we are continually propaganda brainwashed with the Special Interest Political and Financial Agenda, to accept the conspiracy as scientific fact.

Oscar Moxon says:

This talk came out on the hottest day in British history. Never been a more important time for this topic.

Gaasuba Meskhenet says:

no more evictions in winter or summer
better yet
no more evictions from primary residences!!

M k says:

What fantasy does she live in where this happens anytime soon.
We are fucked.

Jordan Fisher says:

Great talk. Killer last line.

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