Watch Me Trade Forex Live – GBP/JPY Trade Start to Finish (+$795.52 in One Trade!)

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Anonymous Anonymous says:

U should have trail sl to 161.000 as it was a logical level… as the market can break 1 previous swing easily but at 161 there was an excellent D&S zone.

Ian Landry says:

Love the trade information… can you share the discord link to me?

Saul's Channel says:

thank you for sharing this information. What is the platform you use on this video

OG Reggie B says:

Looks like the American Aristocrats Russia Sanction plans has backfired and is hurting them too. I told you guys America is losing its worlds grip because of weak-minded aristocrats running our stock market. Think about it, if one Black Man can bring down the American Stockmarket, how strong can America really be. The truth, is in the results and don't act like, I didn't call it, blow for blow, with my entry into TQQQ & SQQQ at $70 and told you to watch, as I took down the USA STOCKMARKET. Remember that?

Pramit Roy says:

this is not real account, this is paper trading

Jadon Riches says:

I love this… I thought I was being impatient with my trades but this proves follow your trades

Terry says:

What trading platform are you using nick and what is minimum deposit required and what broker do you recommend


abai jhootai tu matric m h

Chill says:

where’s the discord link?

Daddy says:

Hi Nick! How come you dont pay swap on a position held for a week?

Roberto Joaquin says:

Hello, how can i join in the Discord?

Keira Lockwood says:

Excellent info. I appreciate you !

OG Reggie B says:

The stock market is manipulated and rather it's up or down, is nothing more than a calculated decision. Reasons why, are nothing more than Catalyst for Hope or fear.
We may not be able to time when to get in the market but we sure can follow the market. If you're able to do that then you're working with a winning formula.

Aleza Wan Ali says:

Hey nico may i know how to join u live trading and doscord group

bombaclaat 0226 says:

wait so you bought 61000 units for 160usd each?

OG Reggie B says:

OG-Reggie B., Now I know 2022 & Beyond, trade via friends and family exclusively. It works just as good, if not better, it provides anonymity, reported income and taxes diverted from me. That's Hustling Baby!

OG Reggie B says:

That's right, TQQQ & SQQQ, it's only one option when someone's coming at you with a bunch of crap, you shut that ass down, that's how I did the stock market in 2022 by empowering you the people.

Ivan Rangel says:


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