Marine biology: Join the adventure

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If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a marine biologist, working in harsh, unforgiving conditions, to reveal insights that help us understand (and, thus, better protect) valuable marine ecosystems, then this is the channel for you. I will show you this secret world, behind the scenes, and, in doing so, I’ll showcase the power of science to change a life and improve the world.

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Chem Siksha says:

Since childhood I love biology and nature interaction and learn about human body ,very few people are lucky who pursue their dream carrier

Shelby John says:

I'm pretty sure this is the career I want!

Michelle Batliner says:

Hi I changed my major to biology and I was wondering if you went to grad school for a masters degree or anything? I’m hoping to just get a Bachelors of Arts in biology and go off of that to move somewhere on the coast. Do you think that’s good enough?

josh miranda says:

Im interested but i dont want to leave my family behind. Will you often see family if they dont live close to the ocean?

Hari Patel says:

I got my undergrad in maths and physics but want to branch into biology/marine-biology. is this possible

Supreme Nike says:

Can tou take your dog to work.

London Fuller says:

So I want to be a marine biologist but I’m terrible at math. What math skills do you need in order to become marine biologist and how does it apply when doing research and can you give a example on when you would use it?

Alexis Bucciali says:

HI OH MY GOSH. I remember once I discovered your channel and you've driven me to pursue a double degree in marine biology and marine fisheries with a minor in diving! Thank you so much!

Rip Tide says:

Im up for it

Marine Research Expeditions - Project Manaia says:

Hello mistera, another nice one! Congrats! Was wondering if you are still interested in making something happen together? Will have some relyable internet for the next 3 weeks so it would be a good time!

Conner Beus says:

I love your channel! So becoming a marine biologist is one thing but becoming a successful one is another story. How do you become a successful marine biologist and how does that change the things you do and are involved in??


Love this man…

Darkdeathmadison says:

This is so beautiful. I want to cry.

Ethan R says:

Hey man! Incredible video. It seems to me that you've become very successful in the field which makes me wonder, what have been your biggest failures along the way? I'm talking obsticles you've had to overcome and what keeps you motivated through the bad times.

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