Killer T cell attacking cancer

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Cambridge University’s Under the Microscope is a collection of videos that show glimpses of the natural and man-made world in stunning close-up. Check out the rest of the series here:

In this video we see a killer T cell of the immune system attacking a cancer cell.

Professor Gillian Griffiths:
“Cells of the immune system protect the body against pathogens. If cells in our bodies are infected by viruses, or become cancerous, then killer cells of the immune system identify and destroy the affected cells. Cytotoxic T cells are very precise and efficient killers. They are able to destroy infected or cancerous cells, without destroying healthy cells surrounding them. The Wellcome Trust funded laboratory of Professor Gillian Griffiths, at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, investigates just how this is accomplished. By understanding how this works, we can develop ways to control killer cells. This will allow us to find ways to improve cancer therapies, and ameliorate autoimmune diseases caused when killer cells run amok and attack healthy cells in our bodies.”

Cytotoxic T cells are just 10 microns in length: approximately one-tenth the width of a human hair. These movies are 92 times real time.

The original footage shown was made by Alex Ritter, a PhD student on the NIH-OxCam programme, in the laboratory of Professor Gillian Griffiths at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research and the Department of Medicine of the Clinical School of the University of Cambridge. The images were acquired using an Andor Revolution spinning disk system with an Olympus microscope. Professor Griffiths is a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow.

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Random boi. says:

This was on my recommended right after my ant died from cancer☹️

Austin Yau says:

what a hero,wait why the heck I am be happy of a cell?

Devin Ketan says:

Rip techno because he did not have killer t

Sweety Malakar says:

Everyone say thankyou T cell

v_ooof says:

so this is the live action of killer t cell vs mutated cell/cancer cell from cells at work?

Tide Pod • 10 years ago says:

This could have saved technoblade rip legend

Random Pig says:

Technoblade never dies o7

jane doe says:

Does 3 days fasting are able to kill the cancer cells?

Cancer says:

Why you gotta kill me man 🙁

Egobyte83 says:

Wait, what? I thought cancer was something our bodies couldn't handle. o.O

CykaMaster69 says:

thank you for your service but it would be better if you didn't attack my own organ

SpaceManDaMan says:

The Chad T-Cell and the ultra mega huge beta cancer cells.

Rikke Koo says:

Cancer cells also develop ways to inactivate immune cells by producing molecules that make them stop working.” They also change their local environment, so it becomes a hostile place for immune cells to work.

KigurumiAlice says:

Need nano bots to Pacman these critters. T cell exhaustion or the T cells no longer recognising the cancer is a big issue.

ufu ufu says:

It's a cytotoxic T-cell ig

Futamato says:

this how u survive cancer u holy fucks

bird life says:

There's no money in The Cure

Kaan Deniz says:

Season 2 is gonna happen!

I love sew Machine says:

تبارك الله احسن الخالقين

DanTheMan33088 says:

“We are the one and only T-Cells, oh! We go places other cells will never know!”

Usxr Moment says:

t cell doing a 1v100 bro

Zainab Ishtiaq says:

All praise to the Creator

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