Gravitas: Wuhan Coronavirus: Six videos that triggered a panic

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The Wuhan coronavirus has triggered a flood of misinformation. Six videos from China have triggered an infodemic. In this report, Wion’s palki tells you why accurate information is the need of the hour.
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Jadenpxs says:

4:07 rabid dogs? Then why was there a dead person on the floor

Sailor Jerry Swallow says:


Umbra [Removed Years Ago] says:

bro i saw blue soldier on video 4 [Team fortesss 2 monment]

Ozono LeBlanc says:

I can say that, the pig video is unrelated to COVID, I saw that video in early 2019 (it may be older), it was in an animal protection web page, they explained that the reason for burning them was because they were infected with porcine flu (H1N1) so they must be "disinfected" by being burned, of course this is way to cruel to be watched and sparked some animal activist groups to protest

Farm animals can be sacrificed in this way when considered transmitters of the disease, so is not unlikely that these practices are being used in the actuality related to COVID-19

Abheredia7 Heredis says:

The first video where they are crying from the buildings in Wuhan sounds like the wails you could imagine in Hell.

LostSoul says:

COVID in Wuhan I thought there was no COVID in china

Kay D. says:

Not gonna lie…I really wish the US used spray trucks.

V L says:

After 2 years since the covid-19 outbreak, we are still battling the pandemic and infodemic, both of which are killing people without any mercy. The current scientific consensus is that the virus is most likely of zoonotic origin, from bats or another closely-related mammal. Politicians and media outlets have been spinning the ‘laboratory-leakage’ and even ‘weaponising the coronavirus’ stories.

Lies and conspiracies do not stand the trial of time. Obviously, a lot of these false claims and misinformation have been debunked. Here are some of the facts you should know:

– The claims about a warning by US State Dept on Wuhan Lab’s safety issues came from the latter’s declassified redacted cable released in April 2020. However, everything was refuted when the full cable was subsequently released under the order of ‘The Freedom of Information Act’ lawsuit. First, media outlets had chosen selective leaks to spark widespread yet unproven speculation on the lab-leak theory. Second, both the redacted and the full cable do not contain any citation of any ‘clear and specific risk’ on the Lab’s safety protocol. Third, the concern was on general terms such as ‘the need to have staff trained so that they could do so safely’, which is why its lab staff have been trained in France/Australia/Canada.

– The Wuhan Laboratory has been accredited as BSL-4 facility, the highest biosafety level since Jan-2018. Besides, the Wuhan Lab has gained worldwide recognition as a reputable and robust facility as evidenced in collaboration with other renowned labs like US Galveston National Laboratory, Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory, and France’s Centre Int’l de Recherche en Infectiologie.

– Francis Collins (Director of US National Institutes of Health) and Dr Anthony Fauci (Chief Medical Advisor to the POUS and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease) have both publicly denied that the US had provided funding or sponsored any gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Lab.

– Dr Shi Zhengli, top Chinese virologist and researcher and the Director of the Wuhan Lab, has likewise publicly confirmed that “the Wuhan Lab has not been involved in such gain-of-function research”. She spoke out with written answers to Science in mid-2020.

– Per Dr Shi, none of her staff were tested positive for Covid-19. In fact, neither media outlets like WSJ nor the so-called “US intelligence” came forward with verifiable evidence to support the claim that the Wuhan Lab staff had contracted covid-19. In fact, no patient names, medical records, or anything tangible was ever made publicly available.

– Dr Shi had not been punished and is still the Head of the Wuhan Lab to date. This can’t happen in China’s unique accountability system if a laboratory leaking of pathogens did occur. For instance, the officials mishandling the recent Shanghai outbreak in 2022 were all fired. In stark contrast, none of US health officials or anyone in the current or prior administration has been made responsible for the death of close to a million US nationals.

– The Biden Administration tasked its intelligence units in 2021 to verify the lab-leak hypothesis. After the 90-day investigation, the intelligence units could not come up with something concrete enough to support that notion. Indeed, 4 out of 5 intelligence agencies concluded that the likelihood of the covid-19 outbreak lay with natural causes – the same conclusion reached by National Intelligence Council.

– The 96.2% similarity between the natural bat virus (pathogen researched at the Wuhan Lab) and the covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) does not support the lab-leak theory. In fact, the 3.8% divergence of the 2 viruses means, in zoonotic terms, the two viruses diverged from a common ancestor and evolved in nature between 20 to 70 years ago. Cultivating and manufacturing the covid-19 virus in a lab environment would be a similarly mammoth task.

Eva Sanchez says:

My heart dropped after seeing this.

Raven’s gone says:

It’s going to happen again.what did they install in the towers? they sure where busy 2021 everywhere, now the jab that’s loaded with NANO together with powerful frequencies, people will be attacked by the towers and by our own technology.. How can people drop from jogging or walking!!!

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