Top 5 Dramatic Moments | French Grand Prix

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Shunts at the start, “unsporting” hand gestures, a sublime overtake + more.

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Glatze Metzger says:

So…..Prost's brilliant pass is a dramatic moment in f1

TheRUB says:

TOP 1 dramatic moment: When Paul Richard was introduced (instead of great french circuits like Le Mans or Magny Cours) in the calendar

M Ar says:

prost was different gravy. one of the most underrated drivers(never mentioned as a all-time great). people think he was always slower than senna but in many races he was outright faster and in others he played percentages. the 11 race rule hurt him.

Devopam Dasgupta says:

What about Michael's 4 pitstop win?

Gavlptvbk says:

Driver makes an unsporting gesture is in the top 5 moments?! Just goes to show what a boring race France usually is

Julien Schaeffer says:

That was coulthard fault. He turned right on schumacher

CRcheco says:

0:50 Bottas: Interesting…

Dani Garcia says:

Its very ironic that just before the video a Belgian GP ad by F1 has appeared. Next year you are going to change Spa for another urban circuit, even Spa is one of the most iconic circuits in the world… F1, you are turning very hypocrite with messages of “equality” and “no to racism” while you run in Arabic countries, where human rights are in the spotlight because of his abscence; saying no to war and looking for peace while you run in Saudi Arabia while missiles are attacking a refinery near the circuit… You are destroying the sport we love.

göktürk başoğlu says:


Erdem says:

One of the worst tracks on the calender for sure..
I miss Istanbul Park, Malaysia, China, Hockenheim, Nürburgring..

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