Jumbo-Visma's Tour De France Dream Becoming A Nightmare? | GCN Racing News Show

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The Tour de France is well and truly underway and coming into the second rest day, despite what the general classification might tell you, the race is far from over! Conor takes you through everything we’ve learnt from the last week of the Tour, as well as all the other racing going on at the moment, including the Baloise Women’s Tour.

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Do you think the Tour de France should have more sprint stages in it? Let us know in the comments below!👇

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audrey thompson says:

How do you pronounce vingergaard?


Tadej went too hard and drove his team too hard early in the race. I would call it an error of youth. He will know better next time to conserve and not be so aggressive.

Carn Soaks says:

Stage 11, was all about human error. Here's a rider who's forgotten that he's not infallible. The result, a massive fail. There's a get out of gaol free card there to be had though. JVg is also human. TP needs to be reminded that he's lost 3 monuments in embarrassing fashion and that he needs to listen to his DS, or get one that's not just a yes man. Bikers always argue with their DS, about eating, drinking, positioning and alike. If the team doesn't stick to it's guns then they'll just be wasting their money. Teen prodigys still need guidance, looking at Remco.

SavagePro says:

12:32 Luxor Obelisk stolen from ancient Egypt. Should be returned!

mhac009 says:

Love the breakdown of TT results from previous races/stages but I think it would have been better served visually as it was spoken through, maybe with a left-right bar chart so we could see who might have the upper hand instead of a stream of stats to keep mental track of.

Avianthro says:

Being the graybeard that I am, personally, I preferred the good old days when there were far more TT kilometers in the Tour. Having so few, as in this year's, makes them almost meaningless and thereby also diminishes the value of the yellow jersey being given to a single rider. If we're going to have so few TT kilometers, then why not just use team average speeds and give yellow jerseys to ALL the members of the team that has the fastest average?

Jonathan effemey says:

Thanks for posting.

Super Strada says:

I enjoy every stage. Sprinting is just one category. I love the rolling intermediate stages where the sprinters have to really fight to survive and the rouleur's or breakaway specialists have a good chance of winning as well. Of course I love the GC mountain stages.
Note: The tour begins with a Sprint stage and ends with the sprint stage. I think the sprinters have enough stage time.

T59 says:

No one wants to see JV win the tour.

T59 says:

Dang there is no love for my Jumbo Visma team. I hope they hold on to win

RelevantIrrelevance says:

Sprint stages can help act as an active rest day for GC contenders, which can help to keep the race going at a good pace but not strain. I wouldn't mind some more sprints if it helps with the recovery between mountains and constant climbing.

Boss G says:

WVA is crucial for the last week. He should stop throwing himself and be reckless, one bad crash and TJV and they lost a strong rider that can help JV.

InfiltrateIndustries says:

Vinegar? VingeGo? What haha
It's better to over-pronounce Gaard, than cut it down to "go"

Dawn C says:

This has been a most exciting TdF. Don't try to fix what's not broken. But that's just me.

Wazza Berra says:

Great episode, I need to be honest, when the video started, I had to ask myself, why is Wolverine hosting the show? lol great look.

Professor Sogol says:

7:02 "It was looking increasingly unlikely that he'd never win another race in his career". Looks like you got tripped up over your negatives.

Justin K says:

“He blew completely” bs mate he only lost 3 mins, are you blokes bike riders or not?

ironagesean says:

Who the hell is Vinegar?

H Bosman ♬ says:

Absolutely not! Sprint stages can be like watching paint dry and mostly only the last 100m of a 200km race counts. Switch off your TV and come back in 4 hours for the end. In climbing it is non-stop action, breakaways, suffering and tactics. Cannot leave your screen.

William Ko says:

Never watched a sprint stage from beginning to end. Only watched highlights of the last five minutes, I didn't miss anything.

William Ko says:

With WVA helping, along with Laporte and Kuss helping, Vingegarrd will win no doubt.

Bob Diaz says:

Viniegard better not be doing an Armstrong. No body goes past Kintana at the top of a Mountain as if he wasn't there and next day he Stuck to the wheel of Pogacar like he didn't feel it the day before. Hmmm. Suspect.

Ronnie Boutte says:

I honestly believe e Pojacar gave up the jersey, and was feigning a problem in stage 11.

André Fernandes says:

Vinegar? XD

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