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IMF has said that global economic outlook has darkened significantly and has warned that situation could deteriorate further. Warning comes just months after IMF cut its global growth forecast for this year and next year.

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Naveen 9 says:

One who fears darkness won't see the light

Nike Husk says:

World, should we just let Putin do this to us?

Farman Ali Abbasi says:

Playout who also i think. But,,, playlist you know also then case a file against you IMF,, my foots sand//

Jan Harkey says:

When the "enforcers" of tyranny revolt against evil overlords is when these man made disasters will stop.

Bernard Shikoli says:

Germany wounds are self inflicted

Shawn West says:

all these so called smart clown's people keep putting in office are really dumb and greedy look threw history the economy always crashes then the rich bank's and corporations always get bailed out with tax payer money it just keeps repeating over and over and got goofey voters talking about im a Republican I'm democrat and the rich sit back and laugh and cash in off oppression.

ediddysmith2500 says:

I don't want any more people moving to Canada, they just bring problems

Lobo Plateado Stacker says:

The Great Misery is here. Central banks and govts are in denial. Normal people lime us are feeling the pressure already.

Ranjan Shaw says:

True , India is one sixth of humanity .With a population of 1.3 billion everything is amplified .crude price shock will hit India hardest with half a billion people facing distress..
Covid death per million population
"India Has One Of The Lowest Covid Deaths (374) Per Million": Centre

The minister was responding to a question on recent reports showing India having the highest number of deaths during the Covid pandemic

Compare per millon deaths of rich
United Kingdom 2622

USA 3025

So India was hard hit by covid but Indians are 8 times better off

KoalaAteMySnack says:

The IMF and WEF are so corrupt it's not funny. Don't believe the lockdowns work because they don't. Don't believe in giving corporations more money will fix anything because it doesn't. The IMF and WEF need to be properly investigated for complete and absolute corruption against the people of the world.

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