EXPLORE the Museum of Nuclear Science and History

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This is really cool, I love learning about anything related to nuclear weapons and the atomic age. Here I visit the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque NM.


jellylington says:

if i went here i would probably emedietly gonna try to explode the nukes lol

Robert Escobedo says:

Fallout 4 vibes

The entire State of Alaska. says:

Aw man wish I could go there 🙁 it looks very interesting.

Jerry Hart says:

So how long would it usually take for a ICBM to get installed into the silo

meech says:

Are those real nukes

Frost Fever says:

16:05 Wow, even when retired on land, subs still stay at least mostly submerged.
Now that's commitment.

Frost Fever says:

Just had a random thought, but imagine if we had developed these weapons before the Normandy invasion. So many live would have been spared just by firing a small one into the fortified beachhead.
Id bet the military, back then, totally would have gone that route even though it would be irradiated. You know they would have sent troops through it but still.

Garett Mac says:

Nice comprehensive tour of the museum. Have you heard about the classified version of this museum?

Hayden Sommers says:

Thanks for sharing this video. You skipped a lot of the stuff inside the museum. The Los Alamos section mainly and all the work the scientist did to invent the nuclear bomb. I will subscribe and check out more of your videos. Thank you for your service…..

Jeremy Chambers says:

That's awesome my wife and I enjoyed it there. Your work is the step after mine

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