Books I Use For Research in Theoretical Nuclear Physics

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In this video I go over the books I find myself commonly referencing while doing my research in theoretical nuclear/particle physics.

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dude, you are doing research in theoretical nuclear physics and don't use "Theoretical Nuclear Physics" by blatt and that Russian guy?? weird.

OINS says:

Sir i wanted to do project on Feynman diagram..for my MSc project work..can you suggest..some idea..

Antonio Mantovani says:

renormalization it's an old book and still up to date

Antonio Mantovani says:

peshkin ok foundamental
Baal foundamental too and didatical
Schwartz it's the reference book

ICouldn'tThinkOfAName says:

Would it theoretically be possible to send iron into criticality in any known/ theorized conditions?

ANNA CLARA Fenyo says:

These books are not very good. The good books for QFT are Zee, Parisi, and condensed matter ones.

Saksham Mishra says:

One question which is pretty straight forward
Does a charge constituent CONTINUOUSLY OR REGULARLY emitting VIRTUAL photons or only when any other charge comes into its range..

said bachirii says:

new short book: "MATHEMATICAL PSYCHOLOGY bachiri" amazon 3$

Lakshya Jain says:

Can you tell is nuclear physicist also do research in astronomy like nuclear astronomy

Komal V says:

I'm an electronics engineer but your videos make me want to major in Physics

Figure Films says:

I'm getting Schwartz for my 15th bday !

metastable physicist says:

I'm surprised that you didn't mention the Nuclear Physics Bible (Bohr & Mottelson, Nuclear Structure Volumes I & II), but I guess you're on the higher-energy side of things

Shagull Sadulla says:

Thanks a lot

Hiba Ataba says:

Intro to quantum field theory
A course in field theory
Quantum field theory and the standard model
Quarks & leptons

AKoribut says:

I haven’t read the last one on renormalization but read the first three. Schwartz is very good unless you read the chapter about path integrals. After reading this chapter path integral remains just a fancy sign. Showing how it works in quantum mechanics and then “by analogy” adopting it to field theory is NOT enough.
Very few books really dig into this. My personal favourite is Itzykson Zuber “QFT”, it really explains what is going on.

Charbracker2104 says:

When i first got introduced in QFT I read QFT in a nutshell which gives a nice introduction into the ideas of QFT.

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