The Basics of Central Lines – Central Venous Catheters (CVC)

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Covering the basic info about central lines. 📝 Free Quiz:

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In this lesson I break down the basics about our central lines. We start of talking about what they are and the different indications for using one. I also discuss the different risks that are associated with them. I cover the different types that we see, talk about the care and maintenance of them and finally some key points for insertion and removal.


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C W says:

I am having the roughest time trying to distinguish the difference b/t tunneled and non-tunneled. What determines the difference b/t the two? Is it the treatment, or location of insertion? Or are they defined by the line itself (e.g. PICC).

Di Stover says:

Outstanding refresher!

Danielle Atterberry says:

Very helpful. I’ve worked in a clinic when I was a new grad rn and now I’m at the hospital and forgot a lot of things. This helps so much.

Humpty Dumpty Sr. says:

Sweet baby jesus I am confused… good thing I can watch this over and over

Christie Tan says:

So this is all I needed, thank you so much.

haq brohi says:

great video..thanks

Lauren McDonald says:

Dialysis Patients have CVCs as well not just ICU Patients. This is really informative and I enjoyed learning about it.

ashjoma says:

Excellent video
but it’s irritating to listen to you saying “actually” all the time.
It’s not necessary.

AwkwardKT says:

I'm a new grad SICU nurse, and I am relying very much on your videos throughout my orientation. Thank you so much for doing this!!! <3

everydayexpressions says:

Is this basically a poth a cath?? (Not connected means n lines outside the body, connected can be with fluids due to kudneydefficiency, dysautonomia, and loads of other illnesses)

DovelaToilette says:

I would like to point out that at 5:30 you mention CVCs being ideal for large volumes of fluids due to "increased flow". However, I''m fairly certain that, by virtue of the catheter being larger, the flow is not as fast as you might think. For MTP or large volume fluid resuscitation, I'm fairly certain that you achieve the "fastest" flow with large bore 16g or 18g PIVs.

Michael Harris says:

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Do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior today?

ivietted says:

I love the videos!!! Super helpful for a nursing student like myself. It helps going into clinicals and seeing this beforehand. Now I don’t have to ask a thousand questions and seem incompetent

Rachel Jay says:

I’m 25 and chronically Ill. I currently have a port and am accessed every day. Im switching to a Hickman and trying to figure out which ones fit my needs and what my hospital carries. Thank you for this video!

Mariomario4156 says:

Funny thing is I have a central line. I had it since I was a baby and now I'm 19. I have a single lumen line and just been living life like this. Now of days I'm doing really good and have been staying healthy.

I just wanted to thank you for making this video it was really informative even for me.

Kyley Trimm says:

Super informative!

Karl Edmark says:


The Ennis Foster Family says:

Great refresher going back to ICU

Cynthia James says:

Very impressive and simple lesson. Thanks a lot

Sandra Elizabeth Ross says:

Man this may cover first semester at MAC Wowsa. Detailed and love it. Thank you.

Ivon Mercado says:

Have you considered making study cards/badge buddies for your info? I’d be STOKED if you decided to do this!

Joy Igwe says:

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