Russia to step up attacks across Ukraine

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Even as Ukraine reports an uptick in fighting beyond the front lines, Caryn Ceolin with why Russia says it has just ordered its forces to intensify attacks.


Primmakin Sofis says:

City"News", no longer able to profit off of COVID grifting, switches back to Ukraine grifting.

AFL says:

This people destroy their cities, country, they invade and now say to stop them no way, I hate Russia

AFL says:

This is insane he wants to wipe Ukraine off the map why can't the world stop him

Anonymous0893 YT says:

"russia's defending their own territories" here fixed it for you.

Gregory O says:

Ukrainians are talented knowledgeable people! they need to build their own long-range missiles that can strike deep in the heart of Russia perhaps even take out Putin The Snake Rat himself

Futura says:

Your channel needs an admin. Nothing but russian response bots in your comments. I'm not going to crusade to clean up the trash. Slava KRAKEN Slava Ukraini

Margelatu says:

Western "empire of lies" has resources, but it cannot defeat truth and justice — Putin

R V says:

1) russia running out of weapons
2) soldiers not obeying orders
3) Logistics failure
4) Putin having disease
5) ukrainian victory 100%

Man these dumb west media.theyre dying over there.

Mhn Mhn says:

Russia needs to get the high flying bombers fly

Jeremy Lakenes says:

Russia destroys a 1/4 of the country and pisses and whines when two warehouses get hit in Russia?
Boo hoo. Russia started it. I’ll laugh when Ukraine defeats Russia and takes back Crimea…

Paul Wilson says:

But ukr officials said that rus almost ran out of missiles in march. Also, ukrs will retake Kherson soon.
And why can I buy himars with switchblade on the dark-net?

Rocket Man says:

If Ukraine wants to protect its citizens, then stop using them as shields by putting military equipment in their midst.

Franklin Hatch says:

Lets go Russia

ZR1 Gaming says:

Although Ukrainian civilian losses are devastating and no innocent citizen should be a casualty, you have to blame Ukraine for using several civilian places for military related activities thus making it a valid military target.

Brad Hilton says:

I was getting a jones on for Caryn ,I'm glad I got my fix.

Bb Bb says:

We stand with Russia

Gary Francis says:

Of course. They plan to win.

giddyupbuttercup says:

Still spinning the bs I see

Carpe Diem says:

i thought ukraine was winning? that's what mainstream media has been telling us since february.

I K says:

Have they received the much needed turbine?

VOTE justin OUT says:

Phayque knooze

They're quickly deleting truthful comments

VOTE justin OUT says:

It's the opposite of what she is reading from her script

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