John Wall's full interview on joining LA Clippers with Ohm Youngmisuk | NBA on ESPN

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John Wall sits down with ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk to discuss…

0:00 Why John Wall chose the Los Angeles Clippers
0:33 Becoming a 3rd or 4th option
1:44 Adjusting his game to fit the Clippers
4:28 When he talked to Kawhi Leonard
5:12 Hanging out with Brandon Boston on the 4th of July
5:46 What to expect from him
6:40 His struggles over the last 3 years
7:30 What his motivation is
7:58 Competing with Reggie Jackson for the starting PG position
8:32 His relationship with Tyronn Lue
8:57 What he learned from playing in Washington and Houston
9:55 Why he’s going to wear No. 11
10:19 Playing in Los Angeles

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The Highlight Factory says:

Those questions sounded federal

TheReal_DEGG says:

Crazy how different he is from when he was a young wizard, you can tell he has matured….. welcome to LA!

angeldust7777 says:

Fat dude keeps reminding him that he is the third, forth or fifth best player on the team.


If Paul George didn't test positive during the play in, the clippers probably would have won it all this past year. Warriors got lucky .

J Rock says:

He just wanted to go to Los Angeles city for that lifestyle. He choose Clippers over Lakers cause of the media always be talking about the Lakers. You know the bs story they’d come up with Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving situation.

AJAM says:

Yeah this teams about to be good. Despite being an all-star caliber player when healthy, he knows his role and doesn’t believe he’s above being the 3rd option. What makes a team like the warriors so good is that everyone knows and plays their roles. No ego clashes. The Clippers seem to be building up the same culture and I believe that is what can take them to the top of the west

Emilio’s Dad says:

Ain’t no adjustment..y’all will see..HE will have the ball most of the game.. THEN the other two can flow in the 4th..John ain’t what he was I’m sure, but I do t think he lost enough to not be feared..give him a month of NBA basketball,he’ll be ok. As of today, I think their the best in the west. Can’t wait to find out


Lovin the humbled wall

olliej21 says:

That's going to be such a great team maaannn

Marley 420 says:

Ain’t no body scared of the clippers

olliej21 says:

He's exactly what the Lakers needed?

aaron gonzalez says:

It doesn’t always have to be him or Reggie at point. They can run a small lineup push the pace, wall , Reggie, George, Leonard, then whoever at the 5

Ray Washington-battle jr says:

He’s not that great a knocking down 3s

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