Biden speaks in Saudi Arabia after meeting with crown prince | full video

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President Biden delivered remarks on Friday about his nearly three-hour meeting with Saudi Arabia’s royal family. Mr. Biden said among the topics he discussed were human rights and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “I made my view crystal clear. I said very straightforwardly — for an American president to be silent on an issue like human rights is inconsistent with who we are and who I am,” Mr. Biden said.

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Haroun Samadi says:

Wobbly joe wobbly solution

Richie Black says:

QP Joe is in a desperate search for more oil because he owes the Chicoms. He has already handed our strategic reserves over to the Chicoms but they want more via the deal the Crackhead made so it's 100 percent blackmail the QP family is looking at. These crooks in the QP Joe Admin are not only laundering tax dollars but oil as well.

M. A. says:

Oh I miss the fountain at the back of the newscaster. I worked in Jeddah.
I like the way the President answer the questions from the newscasters.

Deka Pwt says:

Big Tech including 5G..
(Kidsss still study)..

bart versteege says:

what about the reason you came to MBS…..oil did you get a nob on that point

Ravinder Talwar says:


Hacker 100 says:

As Biden spoke you could hear constant muttering from the Arabs "al'ahmaq".

House Ordos says:

Saudi Arabia is to be punished. This homophobic foreign state has ingnored American interests! Why do you tolerate this? The USA is the Greatest, Strongest and Richest Super-State of the world and the Supreme Ruler of all mankind! (A unipolar world was created for and under the heel of Great America for the glory and enrichment of America's Greatest Nation.) But the Biden administration failed to pressure Putin to unblock Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in Russia. The weakness of the American Democrats is further proven by the fact that they lost the issue of abortion in the Federal Supreme Court! The Democrats failed to persuade the Supreme Court and even Steel Judge Kavanaugh to issue a new verdict on the topic of abortion. (This judge doesn't give up!) The Biden administration never even thought of negotiating with Putin to have a bank account or real estate in Russia owned by a Steel Judge of mysterious origin or "from the FSB with love"! This proves that the incompetent ruling Democrats are not able to use the available opportunities of Great America (FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, world influence, national wealth, propaganda machine, subordinate foreign states and more) even to discredit one Supreme Justice. (The Steel Judge family and his family didn't even fled to Russia asking for political asylum and criticizing America so that the American media could accuse him of serving the Kremlin.) American President DeSantis could solve such a problem! (You can vote for him in 2024.) But now he is the governor of Florida. Americans, Vote Republican! The US has the right and the ability to dictate the behavior and direction of the rest of humanity – all foreign nations. (Migrants from all over the world are eager to get to the US, because Great America is the Promised Land and the Dreamland of all the rest of mankind.) But the pathetic Democrats are unable to even show the possibility of interfering in the internal affairs of Russia by blocking the development of the Spartak stadium on Chekistov Street in the Russian Kaliningrad! Some Russian billionaires bought this stadium to get rich at the expense of other people, and the American Democrats were unable to cancel this deal! Moreover, active citizens lost the protest lawsuit against this stadium with the connivance of the American Democrats and their media. Will the great USA firmly and consistently put pressure on the impudent Kremlin billionaires with sanctions, or is the Democratic Party the servants of the Kremlin? (The absence of Anton Alikhanov from US sanctions lists further proves the latter.) All the Great Power of the United States in the hands of the ruling Democrats is powerless to force the resignation of one Russian governor, Alikhanov, to show the firm independence of the United States from Putin's Russia and the ability to interfere in the internal politics of foreign states, using the Spartak stadium as an example. Democrats and their media are condoning Canada and Germany in handing over a gas turbine to Russia to run Nord Stream 2, sabotaging US anti-Russian sanctions. Continuing on this path, the US may lose Supremacy throughout the world! (Do Americans want to see this?) All of this together is the Great Humiliation of Great America and the Mighty Glorious American Nation, which the American Democrats are doing with the connivance of their media. To endure the rule of the Democrats in the United States is to endure the Great Shame!

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ukraine are still not parts of Russia, so I am writing. Further proof of the American Democratic Party's dependence on the Kremlin is the Kremlin's oligarchic billionaire Oleg Deripaska's immunity to the Biden administration's anti-Russian sanctions! Deripaska has not lost anything as a result of these sanctions, so he does not try to kneel before the American flag – the flag of the Great USA. The Globalists are a single interdependent international conspiracy group that only the American Republicans can resist! What does this mean for you Americans? Vote Republican! President DeSantis will be able to defeat the globalists and their oligarchs, billionaires and other loyal servants in Russia, the United States and around the world. Moreover, the weak Democrats did not start an international trial of Donald Trump for the crime against Venezuela – an attempted coup d'état supported by the Trump administration, the State Department, the CIA, the Republican and some other American media and the American navy! (Trump was preparing the same thing against Iran.) If this international tribunal in The Hague Court happened, then President Trump would be sent to prison on a conviction, but not for the US presidential election in 2024. This proves that the Democrats are not able to effectively engage in politics , although they have the confession of John Bolton and other evidence of the attempted international crime of Trump and his administration against Venezuela and Iran! The storming of the Capitol on January 6 could be sewn into this tribunal as a provoked attempt by Donald Trump to do what he wants in the US. But some important records on the January 6 case have already been lost by US intelligence agencies with the connivance of US Democrats and the media! The Biden administration has allowed this shameful mess and should be impeached with the label of inadmissibility of further employment of these stupid incompetent federal officials in US government organizations. But the Democrats cherish the Biden administration! It was the feeble and stupid Democratic Party and media that surrendered to Donald Trump. Weaklings have no place in the politics of the Great and Mighty USA! You can go relax at the Boston Pizza Festival, but think about the future of Great America! And… Punish Saudi Arabia!

roy smith says:

Watch . ' What Was Saudi Arabia's Role in 911 ?

Rayan Altalhi says:

why is he reading the speech?

T L says:

All the dam things he has done so far is undermine America

Barry Hahn says:

I miss Trump and his regular tweets lambasting the establishment f#@ktards of the Liberal World Order.

El Ingles says:

How does the English upper n middle class, decide that they going to rule the world, after WW2 without getting caught ? These narcissistic globalist animals, thrive on pure greed ! If it was not for Trump, we would be none the wiser !! I believe that all Banks and corporations owned by the greedy swines, must be taken away from them, and given back to the people of the US.

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