A look at the far-reaching impact of China's rural bank scandal

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China’s banks are embroiled in an ongoing scandal involving several rural lenders in central Henan province. Analysts say that this is expected to have repercussions beyond the country’s financial sector. They add that the recent mass protests will be worrying for leaders in a politically sensitive year.

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Jeff Johnson says:

Any western company still wants to invest in china?? Any western stock markets still want to invest in china???

cc says:

CCP Gang is the only Mafia able to cease Chinese people from accessing their funds, so we know who the Gang is, big mistake, taking the peoples money, its taking their lives with it, without money, how will the people function, begging, shaming themselves to ask for help, or simply die, only dying happening will be the end of the CCP in its entirety, it can be done if the police, military supported their peoples democracy and walked in peaceful unity, wow what a sight that could be, never say never, nothing is impossible, everything is possible, lol to all the Chinese people you need it

erniecho says:

Wow, China steals technology and now it's going after its own bank depositors. CCP is the greatest band of thieves of them all.

Max Payne says:

The bank steals their customers money and then the police beat up the victims… Baffling.

Steeve Tan says:

This will erode confidence on a Nation financial system. Suppressing dissent from heart broken depositors will further create distrust with government authorities. A good public relationship is critical at this moment.

wilsonlimweisheng says:

Lesson learned. It is important to have more oppositions in a country. Going cashless( digital payment) can easily make you cashless(broke)

wilsonlimweisheng says:

Start drawing cash and stop going cashless

wilsonlimweisheng says:

Banks keep pushing for going cashless as they want to swallow every single cent of commoners

Daedalus says:

And where is the report on Three Arrows Capital scandal?….

Justin Gomez says:

CCP's "Central Bank" Governance ruined Chinese Banks Credibility.
Banking collapse in China Inevitable
Why has China's central bank failed to act on behalf of depositors ?
Mass withdrawal of deposits from Chinese Banks locally & abroad.
"Inevitable "
Massive Currency flight from China
will follow in due course.
Trust lost in China's Banking system.
Markets to crash in China.
Salvaging the Chinese Economy will be an "Uphill Battle "

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