Tips to protect yourself against new COVID-19 variant

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The new BA.5 variant is spreading like wildfire across the country. In Georgia, cases have increased in the past week following the Fourth of July holiday. However, there are ways to stay safe from this new, more potent variant.

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Me Npaw says:

Tip to help protect you against the new covid 19 variant: Don't listen to democrats!

TRU THE DON Randolph says:


kiba said says:

I am Scared

adamantz says:

Oh STFU with this covid stuff already. It’s like they’re trying to stir the pot up again. And keep coming out with these “variant” like new iPhones.

JohnB63 says:

It will hit real bad a little before the November elections.

PublicGuest says:

We need to go into a full scale lock down for another year and government needs to give us all stipends and unemployment again.

Alice says:

My husband had it in 2020 It collapsed the veins in his stomach. I didn’t catch it, and I have not had the shot

Alice says:

The B A 5 is not half way gone and another one is already here. Weird. Thanks to China

Alice says:

There is another one BA 2.75

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