Covid 19 | Triage in an Italian ICU During the Pandemic

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Katrien Devolder talks to Dr Marco Vergano, intensive care specialist and Chair of the Ethics Section of the Italian Society for Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (Siaarti) about triage in the ICU during the coronavirus pandemic, and the moral burden this causes.

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[there’s a mistake at 25 sec.: Dr Vergano is Chair not of Siaarti, but of the ETHICS SECTION of Siaarti}


Koen Raijer says:

Thank you, this is a very valuable insight into the realest corona ethicists: the intensive care specialists. Sadly enough, it is still relevant.

Isabella Clarke says:

That was devastating – his honesty and his ethical stance, his reason and his compassion, and all in extremis. An important interview. Thank you.

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