Verstappen FURIOUS At Hamilton For His BRUTAL Comment!

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The 2021 Formula 1 season was both fierce and entertaining, as seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton and 24-year-old Max Verstappen battled for the drivers’ championship until the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The competition between both Mercedes and Red Bull drivers was intense all season, with several crashes and digs thrown at each other. However, in the 2022 season, both racing teams and drivers appear to be worlds apart, with Red Bull and Max Verstappen leading the charge to win both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, while Mercedes and Hamilton struggle to get the most out of their W13. Nonetheless, it appears their jibes at each other continue, as Verstappen recently fired back at Hamilton after his remark on the Dutch driver.

What did Lewis Hamilton have to say? Why is Verstappen so upset with the British driver?

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Simon Sinnackun Ponniah says:

Lewis is the most unsporting drive and a cry baby. Revengeful and unsporting

incargeek says:

1:20 talking about Leclerc, but showing a photo of Verstappen, and the quote wasnt from Verstappen

Wesmids04 Lo says:

Calling stypid idiot is that respect? It's a no no. Max always play the victim but he is the bully.

manat31790 says:

Seriously? Trying to take drivers' comments out of context and milk drama out of teams' tendency to trash talk each other AGAIN? I'm sick of this so-called news that keeps going around in a circle. It serves nothing more than making fans enraged at athletes and acting like rabid football fans. For the love of God, stop reporting these nonsenses and let the drivers settle it out on the tracks like they're supposed to.

BIG DOGE says:

Title could not have been more exaggerated.

Mobi Dick says:

What comments?

1unsung says:

Misleading, fabricated title to this piece of ancient history. Crap content; I'm off, never to return to this lame channel.

TTV_nintendpro says:

Look at verstapens car it literally is trying to cut Hamilton off I don’t know why everyone is so delusional because the person on the outside is supposed to do the corner in the outside whilst verstappen tride to take the inside from the outside meaning he wanted to cut Hamilton off and by doing so he touched Hamilton

AsianMissMythic says:

3:20 this lowkey backfired with a compilation of max overtaking people at copse corner from the inside line

Jeroen Verzijl says:

lewis is a hypocriet

Skye Racer 97 says:

That nifty cheater deserved it. He just can't win a race by pure pace. Verstappen only wins because the FIA is on his side, and because everybody moves aside without even trying to defend. Lewis has to fight for his positions, and everyone defends when he or someone else attacks, but never with Verstappen. Coincidence?

Sorry, but unless the FIA realizes the gravity of what they have done last year, the Verstappen curse continues to live on.

The World says:

Looks like a good reason for a movie

mk private says:

I watched this channel twice (no idea why, algorithms told me to I guess) and have one single question:
why do you insist on click-baiting people to watch a quickly put together video about things we already know?

The vast majority of ¨F1 channels¨ are uneventful and uninformative.
I hope you will find a way to be different…….Not happening as of yet.
Until then, my dear YT algorithm: please leave me alone?

Jeroen Haukes says:

Hamilton is just a bad loser , and not sportive

Samsung says:

Max got free education at Silverstone
Whatever Sir Lewis did wrong warranted a 10sec penalty and supermax got 51g

the Rocker says:

Click bait bullshit just to make people fight in the comments…. lmao…. were do you live i wanne burn your car

reck1224 says:

I hate shitty channels who can’t carry their own weight and have to put clickbait trash in the title for attention.

Gary M says:

What a load of crap recycled info and OLD info at that,who ever makes these videos needs to do better shitty click bait

sol tea says:

Get over it, they aren't mortal enemies who hate each other they clearly respect each other, its a non story at this point

S.Sarjon Mahmud says:

Charles is way more sensible than Max, it's just FAX

FrankM says:

You just don’t like the best, which is Max. Lewis is NOT raining champion nor 8times world champion Get you facts straight.

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