The newest and most amazing robots 2022 | The newest robots and gadgets of the future

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You are on the channel PRO Robots and today we present to your attention a extract of the newest robots, gadgets and technologies, which were presented at robotic exhibitions in 2022.


Jacqueline Glidewell says:

One can like it or not however 'robots' are part of the future. Come on who wouldn't want 'Rosey" the robot to take care of the mundane for us. If done correctly they could be used to actually free humanity from tidies non rewarding labors to free humanity to evolve, learn and 'be'. However, as with most things humans are involved in it could be used for total control of humanity which of course is worse case scenario. Why isn't The United States developing such wonderous innovations as so many other countries are and becoming producers of the future?

เอกภพ อสงค์ไขร์ says:

Import Thailand now

Anita Hartmann says:

No wonder it say's in Revelation 13:16-18, about a Beast system,…and Woe who accept's the Beast's Mark. Revelation 14:9-12.

teo postar says:

people need nature

Tim A says:

how are the glasses considered robots?

Google Google says:

Bunch of kickstarter scams and a few old ideas that we won’t see in use anytime soon.

Daniel Dahlgren says:

NOPE! Undo. We went too far, we have already seen where this leads, we don't want that, it doesn't go well.

Gigaloader says:

Now you know why they vaccinate you. No need to keep useless humans around and requiring recouces. Is only a matter of short time until the human worker is obsolete. It's actually already here ….processes and procedures just have to be changed without the need of humanoid robots. Half the jobs today are only provided as a sort of riot control planned by social engineers. So they force medicate you and shorten your life while keeping you entertained in the metaverse. At least you are then brainwashed happy and own nothing while they are quenching out your candle of life.

Max SMoke says:

I like the one where Bankers monitor and control every facet of your life… because Bankers are SO trustworthy!

cattigereyes1 says:

Sky net thanks you! Bombs falling as its AI becomes self aware.

Paul Francis says:

Nothing in the near future, all primitive crap.

Necromancer says:

"Ter-minus"? You meant "Terminus" correct, as in Terminator? Sounds pretty scarry to me.

Roger That! 10-4 says:

I love robots, but the tech isn't really anywhere near what it needs to be for the huge majority of them, then comes the price, only by getting them into mass production will you be able to make even a few of them affordable & even if that does get sorted the market for a lot of the useable home robots will have to almost forced on to their target market, the old, that said I do look forward to seeing the shape of things to come.

Roger That! 10-4 says:

@6:34 I thought Peter Stringfellow was dead, mind you, he probably looks a bit better than this guy even now.

Arty Ross says:

It scares me that humans will have less jobs thanks to more efficient bots…

Dru Johnson says:

We are the Borg! Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be add to our own. Resistance is futile!

Brian Scott says:

Come on now no lies who all wanted to watch the kaledo bot do the robot do some sick ass breakdancing moves

Brian Scott says:

It's called HUD -heads up display –

draqon ofwhitestars says:

Can I have a kitchen robot that can walk please, tired of washing dishes and cooking brocolli

Terra Firma says:

You channel show notes need more links details to all the products and companies mentioned.

Tyson DeWald says:

6:56 looks like Robot Romp from Flight of the Navigator

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