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1) Yeelock

2) Orbit 360


4) Automatic Cup Washer

5) Baseus Under Cabinet Light

6) Pixy

7) Xcraft


9) C2 Dropshipping Flame Humidifier

10) Xiaomi Youpin Mini Bladeless Fan

11) TNTOR Powerbank

12) LLANO Timer

13) inCharge X

14) Gaze

15) Eufy Smart Lock


17) Men Lighter Watch

18) Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener (Preview)

19) Saker Spray Paint Racks

20) Geekey Multi-Tool

21) WaterH

22) Dayoo Kitchen Steam Cleaner & Dishwasher

23) Meat Tenderizer

24) Ruggie

25) HEX

00:00 – Yeelock
00:59 – Orbit 360
01:38 – MINI SAFE
02:20 – Automatic Cup Washer
02:52 – Baseus Under Cabinet Light
03:21 – Pixy
04:08 – Xcraft
04:45 – ACEGMET DP20-LCD
05:34 – C2 Dropshipping Flame Humidifier
06:09 – Xiaomi Youpin Mini Bladeless Fan
06:46 – TNTOR Powerbank
07:35 – LLANO Timer
08:11 – inCharge X
08:55 – Gaze
09:43 – Eufy Smart Lock
10:36 – CANAIRI
11:21 – Men Lighter Watch
11:57 – Smith’s 2-Step Knife Sharpener
12:32 – Saker Spray Paint Racks
13:10 – Geekey Multi-Tool
13:59 – WaterH
14:46 – Dayoo Kitchen Steam Cleaner & Dishwasher
15:30 – Meat Tenderizer
16:07 – Ruggie
16:57 – HEX

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The LatchKey Kid says:

what a pile of junk

Jef Kaplinger says:

The 360 dog leash looks so stupid. Im sure it will be a big hit.
Also i feel like in the near future, celebrities will be swarmed with little camera drones. Lol

Johnny C. says:

Watching ads interrupted by ads.

Patricia Palmer says:

Measuring tape – love it.

Richard Deese says:

Thanks. What happens if your dog curls up on that Ruggie alarm at 3AM? 😮 tavi.

Tyrant Lizard King says:

3 cups of coffee? Ever been to my local coffee shop?

Also, there is no way to buy the Xcraft item.

IAMCornholieO says:

the problem with a lock that has that many different ways to open it is that it opens up to more vulnerability. if someone really wants into your house a smart lock isnt going to stop them your better off buying something more robust, sturdy. something that wont defeat the purpose of spending all that money due to a dead battery. never trust your safety to technology alone.

Corinne Gros says:

Very nice video!

Robert Peterson says:

The "Automatic Cup Washer" is not something new. Restaurants and bars have been using this device for years.

Stanley Tompkins says:

Things to look at during the coming food shortage. Save your money, ignore this crap and buy food.

Violet Rakki says:

yknow somone should make the cup thing, but where you can put soap in it and clean the outside. That would be good for restaurants etc.

K K says:

Thank you for describing products and giving the prices

elderstep says:

Does it bother anyone else that the items are described using British accent and terminology, but US units of measure and value? No? Just me? OK, then.

PafMedic,Jan says:

Still Gotta Wash The Outside Of The Cup,lol

victor chalker says:

The first invention is just a glorified padlock. What a rip-off!

Maro Vok says:

Preevicy ? Please speak English to British village accent ,just English most English speaking nations understand like America and Canada …

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