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These EASY DESIGNER TRICKS will help your IKEA products look chic, well designed, and more high end. And the best part is that they are easy, quick, and simple IKEA HACKS you can use throughout your home!

Check out Part Two of this video for additional tips!

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Wall color, Hematite by Behr: https://rstyle.me/+Mha_BOjIQRgwm-7tNAL8mA
Bone Box: https://rstyle.me/+EqmkqtKEHh6fnApdNtfluw
Anouska Hempel Book: https://rstyle.me/+Wd5HDQwj_Q-uH2x54BNs9A
Chanel Book: https://rstyle.me/+KfEwEVbBEDnpMPbAkf-gDQ
Mercury Glass Lamp:https://rstyle.me/+uBrvQbm3j0cLzK_T5cOF6Q
Console: RH
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House of Valentina says:

We recorded a part two of this video as well! Check it out! https://youtu.be/e9PM7Q_T-rQ

Michelle Schafft says:

I love your ideas!

Jianfa Tsai says:

Thesis on interior design, without drilling holes in the wall, why not make, advertise and sell height adjustable floor lamp to be marketed as bed side table lamp? The floor lamp is behind the bed side table which keeps the side table clutter free resulting in more space for phone, spectacles and book.

Jo-Ann Maruszak says:

Yes yes yes. More more ikea. Thank you. ❤️

Kim Person says:

Part 2 please

Gillian Moody says:

With much respect, did you say… that IKEA… ripped off designs?? I mean, legally speaking, in a published vid? I too love IKEA, but concerned for you. Thanks.

Melissa Brown says:

I just love you videos! You're info is terrific!

Linda C Grace says:

Love the "quadruple your Lack tables for a great coffee table" tip. I can add a suggestion: top it with a piece of glass. You can get the glass from a lot of different suppliers and it's pretty cheap. To doll up the top you can lay the glass over fabric, woven matting, or even wallpaper the glass (marble and other stone patterns are especially nice). Remember to use transparent spacers so you don't trap condensation between your glass and the tabletop. It's the best way I've found to elevate something that is very "dorm room" to something really eye-catching. Also, if you choose to wallpaper the glass (or masonite, if you want to do that) install tile-edging trim (it's called "Schluter Trim" at the big box stores) around the glass or masonite for a really polished finish. The trim is available in black, bronze, copper, aluminum, chrome, gold, and brushed gold finishes. Hope this helps!

Jo-Ann Maruszak says:

Yes part two. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Me B says:

I buy my black dishes from Ikea. I can get them one at a time which I love because I don't use everything in the full sets and I can buy more of what I need.

Mary Lutkenhaus says:

Yes, please, part 2

Christelle Jouvel says:

IkEA make know its designers so it's cool. Great video, cheers from Paris, France!

ralph8884 says:

I really miss the paper catalogue too, would even pay for it!!!

musm1988 says:

I love your videos!!!

xnejox says:

it’s ‘using fewer items’ not less items!

Teri Smith says:

IKea wood products made out of particleboard always seem to fall apart.. It does not last over this a long period of time.

Marcela Spisiak says:

IKEA is Scandinavian company. It's Swedish.

christine melvin says:

ive been watching designer shows for yrs an yrs way back with debbie travis now thats going way back i love design but when ur on a stiff buget its so very hard so ya always loved an wanted a billy book case on stone in a like a cranberry red as my sectional is dark grey but also looking for a coverlet for my small sectional i just was paying attention to what u were saying an for real ya i love the bigger bold er items on my shelves also but right now i just bought a beautifull maybe a huge heavyweight console very beautifull though barn doors an its a white washed white with that background of that grey undertoned but right now im gonna gpo onto i guess look for maybe black velvet curtains for maybe or the cotton ones u suggested also in black i need them big time i have a brand new pair of curtains never used still on the hangers in my clo0set there very white with trhat deep red kinda of little retro design in them but im gonna look ahead at ur suggestions but on amazon as im in chatham ont no ikea here i wish snap thanks for ur tips they all made sense to me byeeee

Mrs. K says:

I love your tips, but they all assume people have large homes.

Sommer Yunes says:

I would like a part 2. Placement of different pieces….

M Y M says:

Nyc studio apartment has very little space

Charlotte V. Warner says:

im sorry, but for the curtain tip to double the curtains i was having a hard time understanding what you meant. All the images look normal or typical. By saying "doubling" did you mean "layering" them? when i googled doubling curtasins i got in search results layered curtains. Or did you mean put 2 curtains on each side? As in side-by-side?

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