Hedda Hopper: Hollywood's Gossip Queen | Full Documentary | Biography

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Learn about the life of the controversial Hollywood columnist who became one of the first queens of gossip.

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Shirley D Taylor says:

And that has all come to fruition. The communist theory.

Sara Restivo says:


Alana Adams says:

She couldn't say anything the Studios didn't want her to say

M K says:

I've heard the names but never thought about the legacies. My "gossip era" was Rona Barrett and Liz Smith. My one big take away is that Hedda was Louella's protege! I thought they were contemporaries. But Hedda is more like Bill Gates.

Moonstar777 says:

Hedda Hopper was a wicked and sinful woman. We are told to not to bear false witness, or to lie and gossip about others. She sinned in all these areas. Her day is coming when she will have to face God on judgment day and give an account for all of the pain that others suffered from her filthy mouth, and the lives she wrecked. I doubt if she will have any gossip left to say then.

H London says:

I wonder if Drew Barrymore thinks she looks just like Ethel?

Lindor fan says:

Hedda is distantly related to me on the furry side

SM says:

Extraordinary arrogance and brutality to go gunning after American Democrats and progressives and encourage and prolong Hollywood Graylisting.

Larlee Lee says:

Black Woman voice over for Hedda

Debbie Lee says:

I don't understand how a "gossip" can have so much power. So strange. It's like she had no morals at all.

Jason Lindsey says:

Now days each star is a Hedda. Preferring to air their dirty laundry first hand!

W Fox says:

Not positive, but wasn't she either Dennis Hopper's mother, or Perry White's mother (his last name was Hopper too) from Perry Mason?

B. Deville says:

I didn't quite understand why there were son many hate-filled negative comments about Hedda until this documentary got the part about what a staunch anti-communist she was and how she attacked leftists. At that point , I thought, "Okay, that explains everything". The one unforgivable thing you can do is treat the wicked leftists to a taste of their own hatred and bigotry.

Robert Giles says:

Wow….all those Hats…and not one that looks any good.

Chris Morgan says:

Today RACIST LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are trying to implement communist today

JuJuBee says:

She gave the world William Hopper so she can't be all bad.

blue waters says:

Numerous times over the years Mcdonalds has been found
putting human meat in their hamburger yet they are still open.
When are we the people going to start shutting these awful
places down?

Anthony Rebock says:

Amurika is a bullsh it mill sprinting straight to oblivion… and Entertainment is Satan's Showbiz

Leigh Blacklocke says:

Read her book "The Whole Truth and Nothing But.." when a child. Very insightful…You have to appreciate her candidness…and imho, she had a good heart. She didn't lavish unmerited praise.

steve O'Sullivan says:

I truly do admire James Cagney. In this piece they mentioned how rich Bob Hope was, and he was, but few know how smart Cagney was. How many of his co-wokers he got into real estate ownership. It saved them from certain poverty. I managed a restaurant in West LA, the old stars meet for lunch. The workers bee's and extra's, loved Hedda. She was their hero. The stars feared her. She had a great run. Fearless is how they described her.

salinagrrrl69 says:


Me Me says:

Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons…could make or break an actors career with just a few flattering or disparaging words. The pen truly was mightier than the sword.

Rich Campus says:

"….don't bite the hand that feeds…"

Lordcron says:

Great story! Too much commercials but great story.

adamo deo says:

for the last 40 yrs Hollywood has been blacklisting conservatives

Liberty GiveMe says:

Hedda was a woman after "MY OWN HEART," to a certain extent. I'm an "ISOLATIONIST" myself!!!! I'm NOT a B…. like she was, but I do speak the TRUTH, and some cannot handle it!!!! And there were "PINKOS" in Hollywood at the time, and today, the Studios are FULL OF THEM!!!! I GUARENTEE HEDDA AND LUELLA WOULD BE "TURNING OVER IN THEIR GRAVES" if they knew how this country has been SOLD DOWN THE RIVER!!!! And as far as "LIBERALS and DEMONCRAT'S", well, need I say more?!

stuntbrat777 Smith says:

WOWWWW!!!! Greta video!!! Thanks!!!!

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