Deuxmoi & the Normalization of Stalking Celebrities | Internet Analysis

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time stamps:
0:00 – The Social Contract of Fame
2:37 – the celebrity gossip industry
3:44 – today’s sponsor, NordVPN
4:54 – Deuxmoi, the best celeb gossip on instagram (apparently)
7:40 – celeb spottings
9:35 – anonymous gossip & “blind items”
10:19 – paparazzi and the celebrity photo marketplace
11:43 – Deuxmoi and amateur paparazzi
12:55 – is it okay to take “lowkey” pics of celebrities?
14:33 – Cole Sprouse’s “camera duels”
15:44 – do celebs owe fans photos?
17:46 – who is owed privacy or anonymity?
21:10 – do public figures deserve privacy?
25:36 – do influencers deserve privacy?
28:30 – final thoughts: is fame worth it?

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Tiffany Ferguson (she/her), 26 years old, currently in NYC. Here on Tiffanyferg, my main series is called Internet Analysis, where I research and discuss topics related to social issues and media.

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tiffanyferg says:

let's discuss the celebrity gossip industry and public figures' right to privacy! // PS big thank you to today's sponsor! Get 73% off a 2-year subscription to NordVPN with an additional 4 months for free at

Elizabeth Lovett says:

I agree that celebs deserve and have a right to privacy like any anonymous joe or jane. Pharmacies, super markets, schools, underwear shops, spas, and even clinics and hospitals can to a degree be considered 'public spaces' but anyone taking a photo of a celebrity or any random person as they getting their medication, buy underwear, buying condoms, pick up their kids from school or go to school or get an abortion or get fertility treatments etc are all things no one wants to be photographed doing because it's still private and invasive when someone doesn't respect another's space and privacy when in public. Invading privacy is important to anyone's mental health and everyone needs a safe space. Paps often still don't respect privacy of celebrities when they are in their own home. I personally don't care to follow any celebrity's personal life unless they were doing something illegal or goes against my morals because depending on what it is I would stop buying anything with their name or connected to them in any way. R Kelly is an obvious example everyone knows about though I was never a fan. There's also the Johnny vs Heard trial where I stayed neutral until I learned more from actual trials & police rather than hearsay. I did pick a side before the latest trial, but I gave both the benefit of the doubt for a long time. No matter what though I've never harassed anyone even on the internet no matter what they look like or what they may have done or who it is. I'm very against cyber bullying and criticizing others, famous or not, for anything, especially making myself feel better which is sadly common. I would be very ashamed of doing so. I very much live by 'If you can dish it, you can take it' which may not be the best thing, but I know there's a lot I can't or couldn't take even without experience. I'm also aware others can take less than I probably could, so I really don't go by my level of tolerance. Maybe that's just part of my personality and being considerate of everyone being different. I also think some cultures including mine in the US, aren't considerate enough of others on a basic human level. I only frown on one thing for any celebrity excluding criminal behavior: saying something that will destroy a child's self-esteem. Otherwise, I fully agree with you, no one famous OWES a fan anything. I really haven't followed any celebrity news or gossip in almost 10 years. I stick to their projects whether it be music, films or tv shows. Sometimes something gets so big it's hard to avoid though. Helps if I'm not familiar with more recent celebrities so when I hear about them, I'm not tempted because I don't know them. I don't think I would fan girl at all over a celebrity I do know and like. I think of them as normal people doing a less common job for a living. Great video.

Ce G says:

Aside from the very important subject of the matter, Deuxmoi excuses, lies and being a person from NY, sounds like it's a page run by Shannon Lester.

Giggles Girl says:

I found this video super interesting not just as a former DeuxMoi follower but also as a former fan of celebrities. The reason why I stopped following DeuxMoi was like you mentioned in this video, I noticed A LOT of hypocrisy and unsympathetic behavior not just towards the fans of DeuxMoi but also the fans of those celebrities. One example from when I used to follow the account and podcast (yep, there's a podcast too) was John Mayer having a girlfriend. Now, I'm not a big fan of John Mayer but this whole story really weirded me out. Basically, DeuxMoi was told by a 'source' that John's girlfriend was in the audience/crowd of one of his concerts. She released footage of the apparent girlfriend (although you couldn't make it out as the room was quite dark and the camera quality wasn't the best). But her fans ATE IT UP. She released other info on the girl saying she had an apparent name of the girl and even disclosed where SHE believed the girl was educated as a student. But in a couple of podcast episodes later, she admitted the information was proven to be incorrect and it wasn't even his girlfriend. I honestly couldn't believe it! Although I don't follow celebrities and their lives much anymore, I do find the PR Relationships as well as Paparazzi interesting, especially as I want to work in Media one day. I don't agree whatsoever with the ideologies of the paparazzi, however, but I personally believe DeuxMoi could be used by companies to stage photos AS WELL as promote PR Relationships and New Projects- which builds hype around a celebrity and when the 'blind item' comes true, DeuxMoi becomes even more successful. I noticed someone say there was/is a YouTube Channel called Tea Spill that was used for corporations for profit, I 100% believe DeuxMoi has ended up this way. Because looking back where exactly is the podcast sponsorship money going? Also, where does the money from merch go? Looking back now it struck me as off DeuxMoi kept changing her voice during podcasts (for anonymity reasons), She never properly explained why. As far as I'm aware DeuxMoi's podcast voice could be autogenerated or just someone with notes in front of her from the different 'blinds' . There's also no way one person is running that Instagram account either, if that was me, I would have serious FOMO and would constantly feel the need to be aware at all times, in case i got that tell-all winning story/blind. It's definitely run by a team of some kind and it honestly would not surprise me. I was also considering that DeuxMoi may not be a woman, my main reason being, is from a commercial standpoint it's more likely women care more about gossip and celebrities. If someone seems relateable or genuine we are more likely to engage in it. I 100% believe a woman from New York City IS DeuxMoi but there's also a team behind her.

Sarah Weigel says:

if you really love a celebrity and get the opportunity to see them in public and wave or even talk to them, im not sure why not getting a picture with them would be the end of the world. when ian somerholder said "hey, im right here" to that girl, it made me realize people are so focused on getting photos they miss the opportunity to actually appreciate being in the presence of someone theyre inspired by

jjamerican93 says:

Being famous seems like one of the worst things ever.

Jeremy Marton says:

My all time favourite actor is Harrison Ford, and he's always been pretty popular. But he has also been famous for rarely being seen or heard from outside of his films… So, yes, I think we would admire our celebrities just as much if we left them alone.

Sarah Celine Pope says:

A VERY famous influencer recorded me doing my job and them tipping me handsomely. I was shocked. He posted it for his own fame and another worker he did this to met up with me, she felt as used as I did. I've had over 500 people discover my personal IG and hundreds of them message me as if I owe them. These people saw someone who didn't consent to be on a viral video and assume this… the video resurfaced on reddit and even my therapist saw it and said "wow you're so lucky. You don't have money problems now" as if a $200 tip split between my other coworkers solved anything. I hated seeing myself on video. I hated how I looked. And I knew my behavior was an act for customer service and people messaged me about how I was inspiring. The man never came back. He wasn't supporting local business. He was just gaining clout.

Sade M says:

A photo of Dick Van Dyke leaving a gym with his wife was posted a few days ago by the New York Post. The poor guy is 96 years old.

pr0fessi0nal_fckup says:

I personally think that no one human owes ANY other human a single thing. As people we need to check ourselves, too often we think we are owed when we actually aren’t.

Bobby Swanson says:

I think paparazzi honestly pushes the notions of classism and wealth inequality even further. They widen the gap between famous people and regular people by placing them on such a high pedestal.

Lilia Noelle says:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a true crime sleuthing video I would love to see it!

timsopinion says:

I'm new to your channel and this is the first video of yours I've watched. Really thoughtful! You made a lot of fantastic points, and I think in the age we live in now where smartphones with cameras are ever-present, it's incredibly important to re-think the culture around celebrity worship. It's no longer about getting a little piece of someone, it's expecting them to subject themselves to being gawked at, chased down, gossiped about, and strewn all over the internet with almost no checks and balances. I'll never understand what it feels like to feel like you're being watched everywhere you go, but I can't imagine it leads to a good mental state. The general public needs to have a bit more understanding and empathy and stop seeing celebrities as somehow not human – anyway, great video! I'll be checking out more of your stuff 🙂

K Shuman says:

That’s why if I were famous I would be Spider-Man. Anonymous and I can swing on webs which is pretty cool

cesarionoexisto says:

i can't find the exact quote, but i read something said years ago by one of kurt cobain's ex-girlfriends (i think?) who was an actress about when they started dating she was shocked by how much more attention he got compared toher from fans out in public cause she was an actor and she was a singer. not saying that all actors have it easier but there is definitely something to be said about how when you're making art about your 'real' life fans then feel was more entitled to speak about or ask more about your personal life – even when songs/lyrics are often not real/not applicable to the singer or songwriter and are made up cause they sound good. people don't realise that distinction

cesarionoexisto says:

somewhat related – the expectation that is buildup around kpop stars and especially futhered by their company/management to do fanservice and give the fans all info about themselves and live the exact life fans expect is horrifying. i feel like kpop stars are probably the stars that have it worst – like sure they get a lot of fame and fans etc but 100% at the cost of having any sort of life. there was one kpop star (idk his name) who got married and fans were so angry at him for "betraying" them that he's essentially blacklisted, everyone turned aganist him, etc.
i don't know the most about kpop culture cause ive never been into it but from what i do know its horrific

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