Insane Facts You Never Knew About the US Military

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The US Military has been protecting Americans for hundreds of years – and it’s developed a lot of secrets in that time. Don’t miss today’s epic video that counts down 50 of the most insane military facts!


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Col. Mustard 1 says:

Okay, who animated the Revolutionary War Army? We carried Brown Bess muskets not Mosin-Nagant 91-30's!

Jared C Robbins says:

Wild. The military is Sony Bronies for sure saw Xbox being the preferred platform.

Jonathan Sailer says:

North *Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Larame Musick says:

What in the world kinda video doesn’t tell what name the British gave Francis! They called him “The Swamp Fox”!!

Kul Kids says:

did he call NATO the north AMERICAN treaty organization, isn't it north Atlantic or am I just dumb.

NowAlex says:

:facepalm: Its North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Not North aMeRiCaN Treaty Organization… im cringing so hard

Smallies says:

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

pottyputter05 says:

The army was not created before the country as its not really the same military hence the militia wording in the second. Post ww1 was the swap to permanent military

Chris Spencer says:

George w bush doesn't count he only joined to dodge the Vietnam draft

Hunter Mock says:

Our government only has maybe 12 more years.

Spymaster 001 says:

The war of 1820 was Started by the Americans and the Canadians finished it by Burning down the white house and making the Americans sue for peace

gonz1328 says:

We secretly have troops in Ukraine posing as Ukraine soilders

Heneral Dodzz says:

Vietnam undefeated

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