Full Raimondo: Voter Sentiment Over The Economy Is ‘Frustrating’

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In an interview with Meet the Press, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo discusses President Biden’s plans to relieve economic pressure and the administration’s views on abortion rights. » Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Raimondo: Voter Sentiment Over The Economy Is ‘Frustrating’


El Ingles says:

8 out of 10 Democrats want nothing to do with Biden. Kamala is even worse !! That was February this year !! It is now 9 out 10 Democrats want nothing to do with both !! The people behind corrupting your press and Democrat party, are the elitist, moneyed British Liberal order. Make NO !! mistake about this !!


What world do people live in? This has gone on long enough, purposely dismantling our country’s economy is not ok. Let’s get someone who can put a sentence together in office to fix this mess.

Don't you wish you knew my name says:

Pathetic administration with a pathetic president. She was talking to a CEO. Pathetic. Living in a recession poor people and CEO we are talking ourselves into recession. Wth you want to remove tariffs from the most evil communist country.

Alex Jones says:

Let them eat cake

witness says:

Since 1993, when Russian President Boris Yeltsin shot the popularly elected parliament with tanks, Russia has followed the path of curtailing Democracy. This process was accompanied by Russia's armed aggressions: in Transnistria, in Chechnya, in Abkhazia, in South Ossetia, in Crimea, in Donbass, in Syria, in Nagorno-Karabakh, in Kazakhstan. As a result: a large-scale war in Ukraine, with constant threats of the use of nuclear weapons. Hundreds of thousands of people have already died as a result of Russia's activities. The political regime in Russia poses a deadly threat to Humanity. The world community has long turned a blind eye to Russia's activities. The problem of "Putin's Russia" requires a radical solution….

SourDoughBill says:

So tired of a populace that votes for smoke, mirrors, and bombast and can't see beyond the next election. You don't think Biden has done enough fast enough? Vote more Democrats into Congress so he can, for criminy sake.

JoeyB EZ says:

go biden hes so smart! and is doing everything right and his guidance has left us better off and not to mention a monkey will fly out my butt but who knows?

Rudy Martinez says:

Amazing the disconnect these cabinet members have for the current problems hard working people confront. Vote these incompetent ideologues out.

David Haines says:

Why would intern at dept of justice become commerce.secretary unless conspiring to destroy local citizens futures for evil Immoral financial debt.service economy oppressing women not allowed to stay home cuz big bank donors want more than what is fair for Housing denied better choice

David Haines says:

Debt servicing 5 time mortgage rent

David Haines says:

Raimondo lies if why immoral financial system oppresses with or without Inflation from Middlemen Donors

George Vance McGee says:

As a Democrat, would I vote for Biden again in 2024? Yes, but if he doesn’t run, the what other Democrat could step up, run and actually win? Gov Cali Newson? Sec transportation Pete B., Kamala Harris, Corry Booker? What if Biden win in 2024 the just retired and the VP steps up?

dystopian 1984 says:

They dont know what to say anymore !

Farah Shabani says:

Tell us something we don’t know instead of just stating the obvious. Don’t use slogans. Provide real and practical solutions.

Farah Shabani says:

Blah blah blah blah…..

Wayne Lane says:

What is the deal with this bunch? They just keep telling us what we already know. Not any of the Democrats have any real answers to the problem we face.
Biden Voters need to wise up. This is the last group of people that should be running the government. A bunch of these people have been in government for decades AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR COUNTRY.
They have been career people who have written the laws and implemented the policies over decades that have caused many of the problems we have.
High cost of health care. Lack of availability of health care providers. Allowing beurocrats to send my money to the CCP AND RUSSIA. Paying for European security whilst they are funding their societies 10 weeks of paid vacation and 30 hour work weeks. Paying outrageous costs for medication while Europeansof get them for MUCH less. Allowing millions of people to come to America illegally, then providing them with generous benefits for breaking our laws.
Fact is this is on you Biden Voters!
Grow up and pull yourself together and make sure you don't let this happen again! You need to take responsibility and be about fixing your mess!

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