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Join Crista Cowan for the July 2022 episode of “What’s New at Ancestry.” She will give a quick review of the IAJGS and RootsTech genealogy conferences. You will also get a recap of some of the BILLIONS of new historical records Ancestry has published on the site. Finally, she’ll share what new features and tools are now available on Ancestry that will help make your family history research easier and more fun.

📚 Video Segments 📚
0:00 – Welcome
1:03 – Upcoming Genealogy Conferences and Events
3:24 – New & Updated Historical Record Collections
18:20 – Site Updates: Logged In Homepage
20:19 – Site Updates: Alerts and Notifications
22:20 – Site Updates: Media Gallery
26:43 – AncestryDNA® Now Available in 89 Countries
29:05 – Wrap Up

Links Discussed:
IAJGS Conference – https://iajgs2022.org/
RootsTech Conference – https://rootstech.org/
Hawkins Wilson Movie – https://ancestry.com/blackhistory

Who Do You Think You Are Preview

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flywelder says:

Is there something like an icon I can place on a person in my tree that would indicate to me at a glance that this person is the start of branch in my family tree that has a different name. I spend a lot of time locating how a particular branch of my family (with different last names) ties to me, but I'm looking for a quick way to mark where that branch ties in.

Always AprilE says:

What is an equity case?

michele Wood says:

Prices too high to keep subscriptions. Very sad.

thenglar says:

Thanks for the update. As a German I notice some gaps in the church records there. They are mainly protestant with problems like the maiden name for wifes. Catholic records are sparse with places systematically incorrect at least twice (Hagen and Bentheim) I already remarked that in Ancestry. But that as a pretext to a question. What is the status of church records in Germany? Does Ancestry cooperate here or are these existing indexes from other partners?

Amy Brawley says:

In a persons hints, are we getting notifications from records/photos that are in Private trees. I feel there is information found in personal records than could answer a lot of our brick walls. For instance—only known photos of Great Grandmothers that a third cousin doesn’t want to share.

Time Forchange says:

I just wanted to say you are looking beautiful in this video. Thank you for all you do!

Joy Carter says:

How did you come to choose the 'barefoot genealogist' moniker? Just curious if there's a backstory?

Cathy Hughes says:

I was a big fan of West Wing so am looking forward to the episodes with Bradley Whitford and Allison Janney.

Moutton Noir says:

Appreciate these regular update videos.

MJ Ma says:

I just watched "A Dream Delivered" and was so moved by this story! Thank you for recommending this, Christa. We need to keep this part of our history alive!

joey harris says:

do not use this product

Marsha Shoemake says:

Great information! Thank you for always keeping us updated. It is very much appreciated.

Michelle Heslep says:

What I need is a shoebox for individual people in my tree, rather than one big one to sort through.

Emily Ireland-smith says:

I cannot wait to see Zachary levi story

Rose Partheymuller says:

I used to watch "who do you think you are" when it was on TLC, I think that is the channel and the channel before that

mamertl11 says:

I love the show Who Do You Think You Are. I live in the US, is there anyway I can watch the episode of Simon Baker that just aired in Australia?


Thank you for letting us know about the return of Who Do You Think You Are!!! I just set my record

Jean Andrews says:

If Ancestry would stop filling in my search box with people in my tree instead of letting me complete my own searches, I would be most grateful.

L0uisAnthony says:

Will there be the annual update in early fall?

Pauline Foote says:

How do I stop from having to merge constantly?, Thank you.

Melo says:

There has to be a way to do a wrap up of the news in a less boring and shorter form, I love all this progress but nobody has time for a 30 minute PowerPoint presentation

Marilyn Carey says:

Could the geniuses also give us a way to sort the photos in an individual persons gallery into the order we want, not just the order of addition. Personally, I’d like to order them chronologically to the date the image was taken, not the scan date or addition date. That way images of vital certificates could go on a logical order, multiple photos could show a person aging, or marriage certificates could go next to wedding photos. Thank you.

Marilyn Carey says:

While the geniuses are doing their magic with the photo tools, can they please please please add some sort of facial recognition tool. Most useful would be a side by side ‘something’ to see if people in different photos are the same person, or even better a percentage similarity. A way to find all the photos on my drives that are the same person would be great too. I’ve tried third party apps but they look for people on the web and don’t really do what I want. Or if there is an app out there that will do what I want, please let us know. I used to be able to do this, and even if it wasn’t perfect, it was remarkably good at sorting people into families. But that app seems to have disappeared. The latest reason why I want this is that I’ve been gifted a wonderful collection of photos, but I think some of them have been incorrectly labelled – or else my previous photos were and I’d like to be certain. Thank you.

Sandy Devisme says:

I will watch them all, I have been waiting for this to come back. Nick will be my favorite star.

Marie Rotundo says:

Thank you Crista for all the new information, very appreciative of all you do, I do however have a question…is the any way to sort the gallery by name rather than going page by page looking for a certain picture? Other than that little snafu, I really like Ancestry and finding out all I can about my family. Thanks

Bibi747 says:

Disappointed and frustrated that there are no new records from Spain. It would be great to see records from the Galicia region particularly Pontevedra and Puenteareas(Ponteareas). “Selected” Spain Records are quite limited and really useless. When you try to search you are given a bunch of choices from Mexico. Nice if you’re from Mexico not so much if you want to search for records from Spain. It is so limited especially when there are so many Hispanics and Latinas trying to research! Hopefully something is in the works for us who have been waiting so long for access to records. Preferably not what family search has for while better is still lacking. Feeling left out!

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