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The European Parliament’s members discuss the EU responses to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including EU sanctions agreed at an extraordinary meeting of the European Council on 24 February. MEPs will vote on a resolution.

Extraordinary Plenary session on Russian aggression against Ukraine:
-1100 GMT:
Ambiance shots of arrivals prior to the Plenary
Resumption of session and order of business
Opening of the first voting session – votes on amendements : Russian aggression against Ukraine – motions for resolutions

-1130 GMT: Opening statements by Council and by Josep Borrell

-1330 GMT: Announcement of the result of the first voting session
Votes on amendements : Russian aggression against Ukraine – motions for resolutions

-1400 GMT: Opening of the second voting session
Final vote : Russian aggression against Ukraine – motions for resolutions

-1545 GMT: Announcement of the result of the second voting session
Final vote : Russian aggression against Ukraine – motions for resolutions


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Dheeraj Show says:


Dheeraj Show says:

17th February 2022

Studio Online says:

The European Union should grant NATO membership to Finland and Sweden as soon as possible in view of the serious threat posed by Russia.

Никита Теленков says:

Классная чика

Informed Choice says:

Having watched the rather weakly one-sided "Ukraine On Fire" by Oliver Stone, I find it important to reflect on some of the actions depicted therein. Although nobody is utterly innocent, it cannot be denied that Russia is clearly capable of horrible cruelty though and has for far too long smashed its near neighbours at will. Any intelligent occupant of Russia is clearly trapped in a pillowed autocracy where honesty is dangerous. That's no way to live. Everyone but Russia needs to be together in NATO so they can't abuse anyone else. At the end of the day, nice people tend to want to be with nice people. I don't think Mr. Putin and Mr. Lavrov are very nice people. Ukrainians didn't think so.



DougDimmaDooDahDaay says:

colleague = comrade!

van tran says:


Chris Stent says:

Not washed, not cut, not shaved for a month. There are no cheeks, no belly, full of delusion
Read, envy, he is a citizen of the European, damn, Union!

Chris Allen says:

I see many who say many things but there’s much they dont agree on…unfortunate seems several countries are not

Mateusz Nijaki says:

If the European Union is so ecological and fair, why don't its headquarters change their position with the change of the number of member states? Luxembourg and Brussels is a distant country for Central and Eastern Europe. Prague is in the middle, so it is in the Czech Republic that the EU institutions should be located! This will save fuel and people's time to travel to work.

Winsome Dixion says:

Look at the evil war mungers

Thompson says:

No country cares about Ukraine, everybody cares about their own country, they just went there for the money

Stoyan Fandalov says:

The Alley of Angels in Donetsk, Ukraine is a memorial for children of Donbas killed during the War in Donbas by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

KaBoom says:

So many Marinets at one place.

Ashwaq Habib says:

UN and NATO are a legal mafia…..they been created to steal and control the world… They caused deaths and destruction everywhere. Is a time to change that terrifying situation.

Milos Jokic says:

And EU countries involved in NATO bombing so many other countries worldwide especially ones who were fascist during ww2 including England should pay for there terorisms and killing millions of people in Yugoslavia,Iraq,Libya,Syria and many others.GOD will be judge.

Joseph THOMPSON says:

EU. Recommendation to become a Federal superstate of Europe. No veto. Only 15 of the 27 states voting in favour. Rewriting of the treaties.

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Sugianto Sugi says:

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planet earth says:

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Robert Kennerley says:

The members of EU have ask Russia if they can join the members of RRR union of common sense

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