'Bulls**t artist': Trump targets Elon Musk and Twitter at rally

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Former president Donald Trump has lashed out at billionaire Elon Musk at a rally in Alaska – accusing him of being a “bulls**t artist” and saying he will struggle to get out of his deal with Twitter.

Mr Trump’s comments come after Mr Musk announced he will not proceed with his deal to take over Twitter for $US44 billion.

In a statement provided to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, representatives for Mr Musk said Twitter breached the terms of an agreement and “appears to have made false and misleading representations”.

Mr Trump strenuously disputed this assertion, telling his supporters Mr Musk backed out of the deal because “it was rotten.”

“Who the hell knows what’s going to happen?” Mr Trump said.

“He’s got a pretty rotten contract. I looked at his contract, not a good contract.”


phil pugliese says:

The company is not releasing real data, not that crap they told the SEC, the real stuff and he is a bull spit artist. Not buying that line.

Old Landmine says:

Anyone but not this evil for president

Jeremiah Berry says:

Trump I would not be calling out musk in public. The one guy you want on your side. Stupid mjve

Bioniq Bob says:

trump is done

j d says:

Attacking Musk is a huge mistake… should be collaborating an unstoppable juggernaut together…

Maria C says:

Trump Won. Fact.
Biden destroyed the world, which is why he was put there, for no other reason. Fact.
Obama bush clinton pelosi all on the wrong side of humanity.
Bidens laptop, epsteins island, lollita Express, little black book, wikkileaks emails, documents of truth.
If you havent woken up by now that's really sad.
Trump litteraly owns the world, all leaders capitulated.
Well done Mr Trump.
Make the world great again.

Ikan cupang X kakap says:

When Truth Social will be released? Indonesians are gonna promote that.

liza french says:

Heh, the deal was rotten. Twitter's worth was inflated, Trump knows all about inflating and deflating something's worth.

Yung Caco says:

Elon is just trying to get on the right side of history because he can see what’s coming but it’s too late and we know exactly what kind of fraud Elon is

Yung Caco says:

Trump is totally right and I’ve been saying the same thing for ages. Elon is a fake and has done nothing for normal people. He’s just another billionaire globalist.

Smith Family says:

I agree with Trump.

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