Armed Man Arrested Near Justice Brett Kavanaugh's Home

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An armed man was arrested overnight near the home of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, several law enforcement officials say. NBC’s Pete Williams has details.

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Armed Man Arrested Near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Home


Burr Anderson says:

We have breaking news, but we can't go into detail because we don't know anything .

Jack Barlow says:

Imagine if this was a liberal judge.

But I'm A REALIST says:

Free whoever that guy is!!!

scott carlson says:

Sorry the guy didn't succeed. We need less trump appointed clowns in this world.

Silky says:

If you use a gun in a crime it should be the death penalty….no questions…period….

Shreekant kumar Sahu says:


E P says:

Oh well the Supreme court supports gun laws so no problem there. He is allowed to carry!! What's the problem?

Fred MITCHEL says:

That be a dream come true. Sure it sounds mean or against the policy –

Maybe a bullet in between the eyes is justified for a know liar..

Are we ever going to hear about the 4000 newer tips sent to the FBI and forwarded to Cabet Bone Spur Castle to promptly be stuffed into the garbage….

And since Kavanagh agrees ever person needs a gun it be great that he could feel the love just like Blessy did during their encounter so many years ago…

This person obviously suffers from mental illness and was on a mission sent by the gods

King Cesar says:

Why is it that this dude got arrested but Bannon did not get arrested for threatening the Attorney General

Al-Paciyes says:

Imagine if this happens at AOC's house, it will news for 7 straight days on MSM….Al sharpton would be on every network giving his 2 cents worth

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