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DW’s Daniel Satra travels to China to get a sense of the country’s Covid-19 strategy. What he finds is constant mandatory testing, workers dealing with lockdowns and severe isolation rules. The government’s strategy even affects his own reporting.

Why does the reporter’s Coronavirus smartphone app keep jumping from green to yellow, requiring yet another PCR test and hours of waiting? The regulations have had an untold effect on locals too, but those he speaks to seem convinced that the rules are for their own protection.

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David Hynes says:

The Chinese are brainwashed like the DPRK.

Demon Cloud says:

This is how you control the "Lambs"

Rog Blunt says:

Stack them pack them and rack them. CONTROL of the masses . Many people, many constraints on future Resources

Keshwani Prep says:

Say what you will about the Communist Party, it has uplifted nearly a BILLION people from utter destitution to a level of a middle-income country and has given rise to a military that now rivals Americans’ – all within a period of one generation.

XD says:

I think whether you would call this strategy ´failed´ depends on your definition. We have to admit that alot more people died in the West than did in China. By that metric, it´s more succesful. But the upside is that life has returned to normal in alot of the west because the population has very good protection from the virus, because of so many people getting infected and succesful vaccination. Meanwhile, in China, this is not the case, and they will have to continue imposing harsh costs on the economy and peoples lives to keep this strategy up. This will significantly hurt China´s economic growth rate so I really wonder how long the communist party will be willing to keep this up.

wumingkkk says:

If China has been careful in the first place, COVID 19 will not even start from there. What a show of hypocrisy.

Manjunath Ch says:

They was never succesed on zero covid strategy.

Vincent Huang says:

Those who's proposing coexistence with the virus do not care how many people dies, as long as China continue to manufacture cheap products for them.

Coffeebud Hong says:

In the end, it’s is the majority of the working people and farmers suffer as they still have to pay rent, groceries, bills, etc without income due to lockdown

Wang Wade says:

Thank you DW for showing the dilema of ordinary Chinese people under the insane Zero Covid policy. Now Corona control is above everything, business is bleak, human rights are violated.

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