WHO’s Science in 5 on COVID-19: Update on Long COVID

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Episode #68

What have we learned about the symptoms of Long COVID or Post COVID-19 condition so far? How long does it last, when should you worry, and what treatments are recommended? WHO’s Dr Janet Diaz explains in Science in 5.

Watch all episodes: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9S6xGsoqIBXRQzSDOfFb13iPrbL8fgy1


Benjamin Gal-Or says:

GOOD NEWS FOR NATIONS ENCOUNTERING THE LOWEST FATALITY RATESNone first supported "THREE GLOBAL PANDEMIC DYNAMICS", 3GPD, based only on Fatality RATES at a) Culturally-Apart, Land-Locked Nations, b) Islands/Half-Islands-Apart Nations, c) Cold or Arid-Zones-Apart-Nations. ['in'].

Noninclusive List, July 9, 2022 
Bhutan – 0.04%
Saint PIerre Miquelon – 0.04%
Faeroe Islands – 0.08%
Iceland – 0.09%
Singapore – 0.09%
New Zealand – 0.11%
Australia – 0.12% (A "Big Island" + various Arid Zones)
St. Barth – 0.13%
South Korea – 0.13%
Brunei – 0.13% 
Maldives – 0.17%
Greenland – 0.18%
Qatar – 0.18%
Taiwan – 0.19%
Reunion – 0.19%
Cyprus – 0.21%
Denmark – 0.22%
Bahrain – 0.23%
Mongolia – 0.23%
Norway – 0.24%
UAE – 0.24%
Israel – 0.25%

COMPARED with a Noninclusive List
of Some Highly-Infected Nations, [July-9/2022]
Peru – 5.83%
Mexico – 5.24%
Somalia – 5.03%
Afghanistan – 4.22%
Bosnia and Herzegovina – 4.17%
Liberia – 3.92%
Ecuador – 3.89%
Bulgaria – 3.16%
Malawi – 3.05%
Gambia – 3.04%
North Macedonia – 2.96%
Paraguay – 2.87%

Raju podiyan says:

Help & Health

Raju podiyan says:

Science and………

dan g says:

Some of the things people have tried with results.Try in any
combination.. Organic celery juice , vitamin d3 +k2, vitamin b12, sea
moss, omega 3 oil, NAC – N Acetyl Cysteine , glutathione , gluten
free diet , vitamin c , zinc , L -Lysine , Claritin (anti histamine)
, black seed oil, probiotics (mood probiotic innovixlabs) ( probiota
bifido Seeking health llc), oregano oil, collodial silver , collodial
gold , ivermectin 12mg, Water fasting for 24hrs or more, and
continual prayer for strength, faith , and patience while you get
healed..All while praying for others as well..

Justin Nguyen says:

Just get them all agent orange as soon as possible before they take you.

JRenemar says:

It is well known that it takes around 2 years to get well after previous Sars. Covid-19 is whorse. Sorry to say this video is like BS!
Goverments and authorities still behave like in the medievals.

JJustin Nguyen says:

Just get them all agent orange as soon as possible before they take you.

izthewiz says:

I believe long covid will become a disability within the coming years, i really don't believe there is a cure for long covid once it becomes chronic.
Heart issues – kidney and liver damage.
its now part of how your body responds and adapts, as it damages the brain.
Sounds like a bioweapon similar to Agent orange

Юлия Розанова says:

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Asato Mussio says:

Its my 14th day on the herbal medication i got from Dr ogbebor herbal centre on YouTube, and i will tell you all that his herbal medicine is a life saver. all symptoms of long Covid, parosmia fatigue all gone.

joseph paul diocareza says:

dr. janet you study hard

Leanna Timmerman says:

Meant well but useless info.

LadyPsalms139v14 says:

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Наталия Тухватуллина says:

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