This is how COVID-19 changed science…and the world

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We’ve all lived through the pandemic, but these scientific experts lived it–and fought nearly every day over the last two years to understand the virus, predict its spread, decode its dangers and fight it on the front lines of care. They know this virus inside and out–and some of their most surprising discoveries over the last two years relate not to how SARS CoV-2 covered the globe, but how humanity dealt with that fact…or didn’t.

Those hard-fought insights give Amesh Adalja, Rupali Limaye, Jeffrey Shaman and Brian Wahl special insight into what direction the global pandemic might head in next.


Carl Dawson says:

I enjoy the basics of this video, however, when politicians say "follow the science" and then pic and choose the science that helps their agenda, distroys willingness to follow guide lines. I know the participants are limited by the current political environment to be able to state the problems more bluntly. So i can only say thanks for braving the political "landmines".

Mus1c1luv says:

Really interesting.

T T says:

Coronavirus has deleted my trust in government, media and "science".


This is not deep thought. This is the most shallow of smoke and mirrors. It took the deaths of 5 million + people to make a mRNA vaccine investor's success possible.

JDB says:

Risk calculation on personal level doesn’t work so good in this case and is maybe also not the problem.The Covid virus is not so dangerous for most people. And people within the risk groups mostly know the risks. Yes, on the scale of a country it becomes a problem. But most people don’t think in that scale and don’t need to think in that scale.

Vickie Zaccardo says:

Heap big thanks to JHC for Security for Event 201. Thats almost all I needed to see. Everyone' s lockstep. Ap safe, effective vaccine? Hmm, I guess that depends on your perspective.

M'sheArt2 says:

A couple more adverts in your video would be helpful.

Meekseek says:

There is not an increase of anti-science sentiment, there is however anti-scientism!
The disinformation on POLIO is from your end.
A pandemic oh you mean the global reset which the WHO facilitated by changing the definition from illness and deaths to cases. Cases via rt PCR which is not a test.
No, there is no such thing as infectious diseases you never isolated the so called virus. The there is you and big pharma who poison people with your so called healthcare.

M'sheArt2 says:

Get something straight, the people lived it more than you ever could, you profited they were asset stripped, you lived many teens and young people committed suicide, and many others killed off in a hellspital and nursing homes (misnomer).
Furthermore, Sars cov 2 was never isolated, material for a so called convid case was cultured in monkey kidney, poisoned & starved then when the cells died, the good ol germ theorists panacea for big pharma said eureka, a novel virus!

xdfckt says:

Lied about masks and China when COVID began.
Lied about the virus not originating in China.
The distrust is real.
These videos are just trying to whitewash themselves of all their sins and project themselves as sole saviors.

Singu Larity says:

You can play all the emotive music you want behind this.. but we watched as scientists went with the lab leak theory but changed after a call from the bosses. We watched as you stood silent on natural immunity. We’re watching now as you stay silent as they move to inject tiny children with a product with no long term safety data. You’re cowards, and corrupt. Shame on you!

KLSeba says:

You HAVE NOT been honest with people, that's why so many won't take you, or what you say seriously!

rangerjesse says:

Covid-19 either showed us how badly authorities communicate with the public or how dumb the public is when it comes to evidence based medicine.

Equalizer says:

I have recorded hundreds upon hundreds of interviews over the past 20 years; I know PROPAGANDA when I see it.

Jeremy Cornwell says:

Crime to own liv with dog/animals inside city limits, get the dog's out! Dog owners are scum.

Cyan Kirkpatrick says:

One more thing politics and being a shareholders in big pharmaceutical companies and the mis/disinformation in all corners of the world. When people are afraid things are going to be stupid, anything is possible don't rule out anything about viruses

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