I Tried Day Trading w/ $1,000 AGAIN

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In this video, I load up my Tradovate account w/ $1,000 and trade micro futures contracts for 5 weeks! It was a doozy.

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0:00 Intro
2:33 Week 1
7:56 Week 2
9:03 Week 3
9:45 Week 4
10:30 Week 5
11:22 Final Results


Daniel Inskeep says:

it took 6 weeks to make this video, but it'll only take you like 3 seconds to scroll up and hit the thumbs up button on this video!

Jose (Rainititan@gmailcom) says:

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The Balanced Trader says:

I started following you a while back as I was looking for some ideas on how how to create honest, relevant and engaging video content, sadly I am still not that great. I have a lot of experience trading though and trained many traders whilst on real trading floors as well as having traded for the last 20 years. So If I can be of any use maybe you can help me make videos. Keep up the good and honest work. My blog and journal can be found on my Twitter.

ray west says:

Most people, I would guess 90%, lose money trading in this manner (that is directional trading with a stop loss, which always seems to get tagged by market 'noise' even if you guessed the direction correctly.) Consider a better way of trading: SELLING options, which puts the odds in your favor. You become the predator, instead of the prey.

KurtPT says:

Wait didnt A24 buy marcel the shell??? Also, great vid!

Jose (Rainititan@gmailcom) says:

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I made $78k after just one week.

Branko Dimitrijevic says:

In other words: the market is random, your performance is random, and it all averages-out to 0 P/L over time. And then the fees come and turn that into a loss.

Unless you are a computer, I doubt any amount of "discipline" or "plan" can change that.

Victor Saude says:

how are you doing it without the 25k buy power?

HolyGuacamole says:

I appreciate how he learned from his mistakes the first time and that he's sharing his experience with the public.

mikeymike says:

In short, the trading platform is the casino

Kekw says:

Lol nice work. -600

TheBajamin says:

It would be fun to watch you do this with proper PnL set. Your "win" rate is regularly above 50%. So if you set your losses and profits to the same % you would likely come out ahead every week. Assuming you purchase the same amount of contracts etc.

jerolvilladolid says:

If you want to be a successful day trader, watching videos describing other people’s day trading journey or strategy is blasphemy. You should create an independent, unique, day trading strategy of your own without influence from other people. Because if others already know that strategy, you cannot make any money from it. Thats why I refuse to watch this video. I was only here because youtube autoplayed it. I was originally watching Wojak.

DeAnte Spruill says:

Man your videos are actually refreshing to watch, this is the actual reality of trading, real and raw. Not fake gurus pretending they know every move of the market lol , keep it up man it’s inspiring

Marcel Bruckmann says:

I was at the same level as you but whenever I made a big loss I stopped trading for a whole week. I spent the time to review my trades and to think about what I can improve. Two years later after reopening my trading account I learned not to trade to often and to report my trades. Also to control my emotions. Closed my trading account again but this time without losing too much money. Once I made 6 trades in 5 minutes and lost about 300 Euro. It was crazy.

Legacyyyyyyyyyyyyyy says:

futures commissions are ridiculous

sallyho says:

Does anyone understand what this man is doing? How does this futures business work? Do you just watch for the green guy to go up, then hit the stop button when it's up, then watch for the red guy to go down, then hit the stop button when it's down? Is there any other information available for making these decisions?

ItsOkToBeRight says:

Sounds exactly like my trading experience, my biggest lesson though is the particular hours and day affect the predictability of the market

barebare says:

If you don’t have a strategy with an edge, why trade?

qksmith says:

way to make money while losing. i bet you make way more on YT than trading. Its like when someone destroys and iPhone or a car just for the yt traffic. how much did the video make?

Matthew Novik says:

screw trading.. need to open a trading software company

Steve F says:

I totally respect your efforts in learning to trade futures. If you dont mind me saying i think after watching you trade that you really dont have a consistent way of entering trades based on certain conditions of price action, and then managing those trades. I have been involved with futures trading for a long time and use a system based approach over and over each day. I do not want to say what i use here in the comments but i would be willing to share it with you at no cost. I would love to see you implement the strategy and then share your results. Hope this meets you well. Thank you

Noah Richman says:

It seriously sounds like you just need better risk management, clearly your analysis is good enough for a consistently positive winrate, even if that’s only 51% minimum. Personally I only ever risk 1% port with my SL, and even with a less than 50% winrate I remain profitable.

Nick Scoli says:

Your trading is too short-term, Commissions and fees will eat you alive. Shouldn't trade a chart that doesn't average moving 30 points in that time frame. If it takes 5 minutes to, on average, move 30 points then should be trading no less than 5 minute charts.

cacsoccer101 says:

Failure is only that if you don't learn from it. As you mentioned, you see your mistakes. To me, I see that as an educational opportunity that makes you better, not a failure. Keep doing the demos and learning to take the emotions out of it. It's like gambling, you don't buy in with money you can't burn and not miss.

david dauphin says:

some trades may be delayed by who your isp is. the big boys use T1 lines.

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