China: Millions in lockdown after COVID cases rise | DW News

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China is experiencing its worst COVID-19 outbreak in two years. China had been following a strict zero-COVID strategy since the start of the pandemic, which mandates that infections are swiftly identified and contained. China’s response included strict curfews, mass testing, limiting public transportation and carrying out quarantines in areas with local outbreaks.


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for God and country says:

This was spread covid is the word they call THE FLU WHAT HAPPEN TO THE FLU ANYONE WONDER OR COLDS OR WHY HAVENT OUR HOMELESS Eradicated yet This is what happens when you turn your back on God those have forgotten who he is and our foundation and rights are the most important things to our freedom they are God-given rights

for God and country says:

Thats what happens when you turn your back on god and allow all right to government for we the people run this country our we used to and we have given in and deserve what is coming if we don't stop and take control

Mynah Bird says:

china is doomed! The free world is saved.china must emulate USA and India with 1 million and 4 million covid deaths,an dpractise more freedom and democracy in pandemic managemet and share their viruses like USA and India.

Joy Frank says:

I want to use this opportunity to tell the world there is herbal medication for convid19 i must confess I met doctor Egbefoh on YouTube who save my mom from convid19 i advice anyone who needs help to meet him

V L says:

Which one is a more humane way of dealing with the pandemic? Letting the vulnerable groups fall victim to Covid-19 and die (including the elderly, those with chronic preconditions, the unvaccinated children, some of whom can be your beloved ones), or doing your very best to save every life by undertaking the proven dynamic zero policy.

China has made its choice and saved million of lives! What choice did your country make for you?

Paul Anderson says:

But Chinese vaccines do not work?

Paul Anderson says:

If you have vaccines that don't work, you need Zero covid

Paul Anderson says:

It's clear that their vaccines do not work. They need to lockdown as their hospitals cannot handle the infections.

Carlos Fuentes says:

Fnck them! They caused it. They pay for it!

Anderson Visnieski says:

Allow the government put you on a social credit system and this will happen

Amber Nesto says:

U guys are tripping it is cause China and Russia are going to war with the US and Nato

pacs life sorrento says:

Karma is real

C M says:

China has lost face forever. The world continues to suffer, now year 3 due to China's deciet and lies of the pandemic when first detected. China now supports Russia's atrocities in the Ukraine. China has shown the world what a shameful and despicable country looks like. China = SHAME, now and forever. What a disgrace !!

Lorinda Verhelst says:

LOL , Thanks Klaus !!! And there all vaccinated and boosted…..All this is an experiment …young global leaders are from the same classroom… Big Pharma needs more money , and here we are…

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