Top 4 BEST smartphones you NEVER knew existed! (2022)

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This video looks at 4 of the top / best smartphones of 2022, if you decide to swerve the crowd and pick something up, other than an iPhone from Apple, or one of the choices from Samsung. 3 Flagship premium options and one more budget-friendly! Are you interested in any of these?

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Peter Newman says:

Classy phones! Cool reviews! Always great to have some Bu Bu Gao phones reviewed (BBK Electronics) the largest company you have never heard of – as well as a ZTE and the one from now independent Honor.

Jan Rauter says:

The nord is good but the huawei nova 9 is beter and u can find it for 250

Karan Veer says:

Surprisingly or rather not, i knew all of these

Jonathan Oren says:

I am doing this because you're amazing and I love watching your videos please I hope you see the humor in what I wanted about to do.

My phone has a camera in it your phone has a camera in it whose camera is better it can't be yours mine is better no mine is the best camera there is no but I have an Apple phone yeah well I have a Samsung my phone is the best cuz everyone says it is no apple people say my phone is better than yours no that's not true how can my phone be worse when everybody else tells me it's better oh yeah you want a competition sure guess who wins nobody that's right

Lesa Sale says:

NAZI phone? I did not know that one exist too

Skallywagg says:

What is the second phone

Xesig says:

Completly unrelated but I think the poco f3 is a great mid ranger for thight budgets. It has a snapdragon 870 with 5g and a 48 megapixel camera wich isnt the greatest but its ok. It costs like only 300-350 dollars.

William Jansen says:

Ummm, I've never heard of these? OnePlus isn't even that rare in North America

wilson ndebay says:

I just watched this video on my Vivo X80 Pro

James X says:

I'll be leaving saunsung after they removed the SD slot…oh yeah and reduced the battery size by 30%!

Liam Collinson says:

I would not recommend ZTE phones they are super fragile due to no gorilla glass

ßØSS 1417 says:

Fund x5 pro – another great addition to this list

ßØSS 1417 says:

Another major thing to mention about the vivo x80pro is its next level gimbal stabilisation and night mode!

Soumik Pal says:

disappointed. i never NEVER knew these phones existed.

Yunus Patel says:

ZTE missing Always On Display, deal breaker.

Whitewalker says:

Chuoba chouba couba chouba… ????

Joshua Bergeman says:

I just ordered a Huawei P40 pro and it should be here sometime end of the week or beginning of next week.
So I'm about to find out what it's like running a phone without GSM. But I wish they could get this worked out, not even so much so Huawei could go back to using Google services because having a third option is actually a good thing, but because as of now they can't continue to make their own chips and that hurts all of us in the long run.

Very Scouse Mike says:

Where can we buy the Vivo X80 pro in UK?

Kim Joseph Penaloza says:

Considering that your demograph in YouTube are a bunch of smartphone fanatics, this is pretty lack-lustered and lazy. I mean, everybody knows the ZTE Axon 40 Ultra, OnePlus Nord 2T and Vivo X80 Pro, specially since the Axon 40 Ultra and X80 Pro has literally been covered by other big name youtubers. You could've checked out some other small name brands and did a review about their pros and cons than listing some pretty common phones.

LJs Unboxing says:

Phone number 2 is definitely a no go. I have AT&T. None of their 5G phones will ever reach 5G speeds unless I leave AT&T and go somewhere else.

Kerne Jordan says:

Russia to the world

CamoTech says:

The Axon 40 Ultra is perfect for people who don't take selfies. My main phone is a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G, which is similar to the Nord 2T but even better value.

Marco Paganotto says:

What's with the Ukrainian wallpaper?
Keep the politics out of the review space man.
It might be worth looking into what's really going on over there too before backing the mainstream narrative, which is far from black and white.

amirbahalegharn365 says:

how about a 2nd part to mention these as well

considering the price, you miss :

1- ZTE nubia 40 pro which costs less than 550$ for such flagship class phone. the same price as Realme GT2 Pro but overall with better flagship specs.

2- Realme gt Neo 3 base spec (six GB ram and 128GB storage plus 5000mah battery & 65W fast charging) is also unfairly ignored with its MTk 8100 & IMX766 OIS main camera sensor & 120hz Amoled, you are getting most of what a flagship is for only 330$

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