Software Engineer Ranks Programming Languages

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Welcome to the official programming language tier list. In this video, ex-Google Software Engineer Clement Mihailescu ranks programming languages using a tier list. If you’re looking for the best programming languages and the worst programming languages, look no further.

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Heródoto Gates says:

You put a language that download all the internet on amazing and golang in meh, wtf

Dmitry : says:

You are wrong))
Java is very strong language
It is general language in banking and will be very long time

Andrew says:

I prefer Python a million times over R but I feel like R deserved to be at least one tier higher. It can do most things python can just a little shitter. It is the gold standard for statistical analysis work though .

Pavel says:

Typescript is an overpromise of a language. And it's buggy too.

Naveed Zahoor says:

whatever tickles your pickles mate, though the list is stupid, had no merits and felt just like a an emotional 9yo making arguments

Coffee Account says:

It's impressive how fast you go from "When a frontend dev talks about something he doesn't know" to "Oh f*ck this is so smart" when you see how this tier list is perfectly design to get a comment per view.

Ankit Sharma says:

Backend and Android apps without Java before kotlin?
Kotlin is better than Java for app development
C/C++ Kernels, Compilers and Interpreters, Emulations?

Putting Assembly in God tier? Good luck writing code just to perform a loop or a simple task


I think the first programming langauge that I learned is Visual Basic in Summer 2017 LOL : )

Marco Aranda says:

People don't get the joke. You can be successful programming in any language, what stands out are language errors, or exaggerations of things that you have to deal with a language when programming. I am now programming a backend in Java for an app that is going to move millions of USD, which does not mean that I prefer Java, instead of JS.

raouf bouk says:

Delete this video

Nemitha Fernando says:

java is good

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