Best Smartphones of 2022 (So Far)

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Reviewing the top 10 best smartphones that I’ve unboxed and tested in 2022 so far, including my favourite camera phones, gaming handsets and those blowers offering the greatest value. From the Oppo Find X5 series and Realme GT2 (& GT 2 Pro) to the lovable Xiaomi 12 and Vivo X80 Pro, these are my picks for the best phones recently launched.

Here’s some links to buy these lovely devices:

Samsung S22:
Samsung S22+:
Samsung S22 Ultra:
OnePlus 10 Pro:

Of course we still have half the year left and there’s big devices like the Google Pixel 6a and Pixel 7, Xiaomi 12 Ultra and more lingering on the horizon. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, check out my review round-ups of the slickest smartphones under £400, £300 and £200 here on Tech Spurt.

My personal favourite handsets from 2022 include the Oppo Find X5 Pro, which is impressive in every area and costs from £1049 in the UK right now. The Xiaomi 12, which is the best compact blower with no compromise to battery life – like the S22 should have been. Also, the Realme GT2 phones are great value for money if you don’t mind losing some non-essential features like wireless charging.

Unboxing videos and reviews of all of these mobiles are live right now on the channel.

Best Smartphones of 2022 Chapters:
0:00 – June! JUNE!
0:44 – iPhone SE 3
1:05 – Samsung S22 Series
1:33 – Samsung S22
2:10 – Samsung S22 Plus
2:48 – Samsung S22 Ultra
3:21 – Xiaomi 12
4:40 – Oppo Find X5 Pro
5:51 – Oppo Find X5
6:30 – Vivo X80 Pro
7:35 – Realme GT 2 & GT2 Pro
8:38 – Best gaming phones
9:01 – Also consider…
9:25 – Still to come in 2022


Tech Spurt says:

Heyyyyy thanks for watching this thing, I invite you to question my judgement and personal hygiene down in the comments below, as well as SMASHing the subscribes etc. Cheers!

Qayyax says:

Link to your wallpapers

Qayyax says:

Samsung should go to hell with exynos

Dev Bhadra says:

I see a lot of complains about severe battery drain in gt2. What’s the actual issue ?

Al Maman Haque says:

Where do you get those amazing anime wallpapers?

Paul Araya Viquez says:

Xiaomi 12 or Samsung S21 FE??

Scalleewagg says:

just curious how come the Google Pixel wasn't mentioned?

Seb Luke Travis says:

I think in blighty it's stronger than a steel tank with a rear hole smaller than an ants pupil and faster than a cheetah on nandrolone – or somet to that effect hey pal.

Cristian Ursuleanu says:

Hahaha. One mention to apple. Iphone not worthy the attention :)))

Steve Whitmill says:

Cheers Chris.

Kevin Thoms says:

What's the game being played in these reviews?

GamerTechKid says:

What movie is that playing at 3:42

PV Gaming says:

Me: I want new phone
watches full video
sigh~ nevermind…
Imma keep using same old

ReckzZ says:

tsukimi eiko

Nikki Chantele says:

@techspurt what's your ultimate choice

Mario Rossi says:

Hi would you still consider the poco f3 (8/256) at €300 as one of the best smartphones for this price tag?

Razogi I says:

Is the google pixel 6 a decent upgrade from the iPhone 8 that I’ve had for 5 years?

slickfiz says:

Love your wallpapers, how can I get them?

Brav Velas says:

When your using youtube on the phone you can pinch outwards to fill the rest of the screen out or pinch inwards to go to classic zoom

yoshii says:

Appreciate all your great videos to enlighten us. Thank you.
slightly off topic. I am now owner of redmi note 10 5G. What data transfer do you use when you want all your stuff swopping back onto a Xiaomi phone from a samsung phone. This is my current problem. "Clone it" app is not working for me at all.


Heazy says:

Why are all YouTube comments from bots these days?

Joey Joey says:

RE the S22, i have the S22 plus Snapdragon, no issues with battery, just depends on what settings you use, and how many apps running in the background etc…

Disco says:

I'm hoping we see an end to curved screens on phones. Sure, they look all pretty when they're on display in the store, but it opens up a far greater risk of screen damage in the event of a dropped phone. Curved screens are a deal breaker for me.

Polemisch says:

The best phone atm is the note 20 ultra. No phone comes even close to it.

Gloxzii says:

My favorites that I use are iphone 13 pro max, s22 ultra, and RedMagic 7

Michael Stanbrook says:

I swithced from Samsung (afrer 5 years) to Oppo! Safe to say I will not be going back.

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