10 Interior Design Trends My Subscribers Can't Stand!

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You can’t stand these interior design trends! I went through all of your comments and pulled 10 of the most hated trends and ideas interior design has to offer and i’m exposing them so we can finally say goodbye to them FOREVER!

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Moofy1 says:

Over the chain link decorative Objects. It’s every where. Garret, great video.

Chrissen Gemmill says:

Old kitchen a greenish-grey color….going white shaker with a tundra grey limestone bench tops! Can't wait!

Patricia Wood says:

Ladders with blankets on them, fiddle leaf fig trees, brass everything, mason jars, industrial chic, macrame, fake farm house signs, shabby chic

Ky Hi says:

And add the wooden chain to that….

Angela Sepi says:

I have subway tile in my kitchen. It is very clean, white grout, shiny and glassy.

Sara Helton says:

White EVERTHING. Signs- “live laugh wine” shite, Farmhouse EVERYTHING. Open kitchen cabinets/shelves.

v kay says:

I agree to all + showers in bathtubs, fake floorboards that look like plastic and rooms full ok IKEA (I like but …) not when you walk into a room an can identify which shop it was bought from. Thanks for saying it all! Another thing that I do not like seeing in kitchens is the over sized stand alone cookers. You see them in American kitchens no matter how modern and expensive. I don’t understand why huge appliances are set o attractive to Americans… I love the European wall ovens and counter stoves tops… refrigerators are monsters too, then there are the ‘Ava’ style cookers in modern homes… why?

Baby Moon says:

I love a white subway tile but I hate when people pair it with dark grouts. Egregious!

kellie mcguire says:

Faux florals! People, For the love of good taste STOP. Use dried flowers. Use grocery store flowers. IDC! Just Stop with the fake plants.

The BeeHive says:

I agree with all ten points! I love your videos Garrett- they are always interesting, educational, enlightening and fun. Thank you. We are planning our forever home and I have already learned so much from you. I respect and appreciate your education and professional training but I also value your practical advice and guidance. Love you four-legged children's contributions, too!

Beverly Ingram says:

I have a white kitchen and love it. I have a black countertop as well as a white and grey granite island and marble backsplash. I use black accents and again love it.
We’ve been looking for a new house and when we go into all grey everything is so very drab, dull and seems to suck the life out of it.

LS Weddle says:

A clear shower curtain is a necessity …if my parrot realizes that I'm out or sight the yelling for me starts.

LS Weddle says:

Hi from a NEWBIE One thing I still see in homes is bath sets…. IE toilet seat covers, tank and tank top cover and the horrendous rug wrapping around the toilet base….

shinnam says:

Can't stand everything in a room being from IKEA, know when it was bought and how much it cost. How about a video on garden trends you like or dislike?

Seattle's My Home says:

I'm over the beads too but it is just the same as a bowl of rocks or other objects.

C S says:

omg…. i agree w the beads

Deborah105 says:

I've designed four kitchens in my life and three of them were white! Including my current kitchen. I offset with black hardware, a dark gray sink, and dark gray stainless appliances. I love it each and every day. The first kitchen I did in white was with my wasband and I get to see it from time to time (we have kids and we're very friendly) and it still looks beautiful even though it was done in 1994! what? This is a fun video! Edited to add: Let's talk about shiplap! ugh! lol

Afternoon On The Dock says:

I have chuckled all the way through this one 🙂 I am done with words on walls. A close second is big sayings framed and perched on shelves. I know where my kitchen pantry is, and don't need directions to my laundry, washroom, or the lake. Pithy one-liners and bawdy jokes are better on t-shirts. Ok, a newborn's name in blocks is cute in a nursery, but reading your mind all over the house is too much. Put thoughts, blessings, lists, poems, lyrics and directions on the fridge with a magnet, you can change that frequently, but why emblazon that stuff on walls? Beats me.

Linda Parker says:

Oh, and by the way, can I borrow your shirt?

Victoria Suesz says:

I love a white kitchen. Just the cabinets though. I love, love, love bold colour on the walls and throughout the space. Makes me want to investigate. I just bought a new home last month and the whole thing is gray. Inside, and out, and can't wait to paint and add my personal touch.

Linda Parker says:

Tired of everything gray also. It still seems to be a trend in my city. Oh, well, Mark Twain wrote that when the end of the world came, he wanted to be in Cincinnati. It was always ten years behind the times.

Linda Jackson says:

I’m actually in the process of painting my kitchen cabinets white however my island will be painted black. Keeping my black granite. Carrara marble backsplash (mostly white tiles)

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