The Most NARCISSISTIC Wives Of Hollywood

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The Most NARCISSISTIC Wives Of Hollywood

Has Amber Heard ruined Johnny Depp’s career for good? What dark secret has Jada Smith been hiding for so long and why is Angelina Jolie still blacklisted in Hollywood? Stay tuned, because we’ve got all the intel on the narcissistic wives of Hollywood…

We’ve all heard of the problematic marriage, or shall we say divorce, that is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s. The couple were only married for a year and divorced in 2016. The pair met on the set of The Rum Diary in 2009 and according to Amber, things were absolutely perfect as Amber gushed to Elle Magazine, saying “I just fall in love again and again,” while adding that their wedding was amazing.


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Let It Roll says:

Worst celebrity narcs? Amber Heard, Jada Smith, Megan Markle.

Gypsy Dora Tarot says:

“A parent is a parent no matter what. “

Myriam Lateur says:

All three getting uglier by the day esp. AH.

FelizNavidad says:

Angelina Jolie should not be on this list. Women are not saints but they do not have sole responsibility in a relationship

Maribel says:

Will needs a life!!!

Silvana MF says:

Disgusting. Jada normalising deviate behaviour of betrayal of her son and her marriage and humiliating them by openly talking about it. Another horrible narcisist! Will Smith! wake up to yourself! Stand up and speak out against her behaviour! Model proper values to your children!

Maria Schukariova says:

I don't understand why Angelina is so defended. Brad is not an angel (as JD who cheated to Vanessa as well), but suddenly beginning to drink in his 40s? Angie used to have drug and mental issues, not mentioning her in**st play with her brother. Plus, she still doesn't stop the divorcing processes with Brad (I read everywhere that she's the one not letting it go).
I feel Brad and Johnny have the same vibe: falling for the wild and rebellious beauty, running away with her from the marriage, which may have become boring for some time, starting having addiction issues and then taking all the blame for the fallen relationships on themselves (although with Johnny the situation was worse). And I see that Angie and Amber are mentally stronger than their ex-husbands and they just were ruthless to men's weaknesses. So, making Angie an angel is suuuch a mistake.
And what Jada does is beyond my understanding. Does she have any moral boundaries? Her husband and her kids must have been soooo happy to hear for the interview that she cried going to the altar with Will. And affair with the son's best friend? How sick is that?
The only one to be away from this list is JLo. She's a well-known arrogant diva, but I don't think she's an abuser or hardcore narcissist.

YourgreatestFan says:

.I dont think Angelina belongs in on this list…

wiseguysHERE says:

Too many narrators & reporters need to blow their nose or do what it takes so it doesn't sound like your nose is full.

Zaid bklyn28 says:

Angelina Jolie does NOT belong in this list among amber and jada demonic azz.

Zaid bklyn28 says:

how do you go from jennifer garner to jlo? sure she cute for a fling and made some good music but is still trash compared to garner.

Chris Arm says:

I never hear anything about their how their kids are dealing with this toxic sh@t.

Skaadi says:

narcissism is no joke since it can get you scarred if you're on the receiving end of it aka the narcissistic supply
some people took years to full recover and to find themselves again because the narcissist took their identity away from them
identity whom they once were, which was healthy, pure and overall happy/content before narcissists came in to their life to wreak havoc

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